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101 SEO Blogs to Follow

101 SEO Blogs to Follow in Alphabetical Order

The SEO scene is constantly changing

The SEO factors that proficiently worked years ago cannot be relevant today. With these changes, there is a need for businesses and bloggers to be updated on the latest SEO trends to remain at the top of the SEO game. Without an appropriate track on SEO updates, your company will be landing into losses and low returns on investment. This guide outlines some of the top 101 SEO blogs to follow for SEO updates. 

101 SEO blogs to follow

A detailed SEO checklist with pieces of marketing opinions, case studies, and tutorials generated by specialists in the marketing industry. Ahrefs blog is one of the largest sources of content on SEO, including link building, website traffic, keyword research, and SEO tools.

A freelance SEO consultancy platform, guiding the creation, revision, and implementation of SEO plans. The blog, which is regularly updated with SEO content, focuses on delivering practical SEO tips. It is run by Akash Srivastava, a freelance SEO consultant.

Alexa is geared towards content optimisation in increasing the rate of lead conversion. The blog highlights a checklist of SEO analytics, check backlinks, competitive website analysis, and target audience analysis.

Aleyda Solis, an award-winning SEO consultant, is the brain behind the Aleyda Solid blog. The blog provides actionable tutorials, resources, and guides on SEO at all levels of operations, including strategic, technical, and even international SEO.

The Beanstalk Internet Marketing blog has posts uploaded every week. It provides some of the most prominent guides and professionals opinions on SEO services, social media marketing, and pay-per-click management. The blog is run by a team of experts in the field led by their CEO, Dave Davies.

Biznology features publications, pieces of research work, and advises on how to propel businesses in a digital age. Although the blog has discussions revolving around SEO, the Biznology blog is centred on content marketing in its relation to SEO.

Blog Dada stages some of the best blogs on online marketing strategies, link building, social media marketing, and SEO in general. The blog was started as a single-author SEO blog by Pavitra Kumar. Today, Blog Dada features more bloggers as well as guest posts.

Botify blog provides advanced analysis of Google Analytics, crawl, technical and SEO, and log file. It features an updated profile of some of the latest trends in the SEO industry and possible solutions on the same.

BrightEdge blog is one of the leading on-demand SEO management blogs. In addition to content marketing and SEO optimisation, BrightEdge is popular in giving insights on better ways of blogging.

Bruce Clay is a global top-ranked blog. The blog is popular for providing insights and information on search marketing and SEO-related issues. Bruce Clay thrives in analytics, SEO, conversion rate optimisation, and digital marketing.

Blog Dada stages some of the best blogs on online marketing strategies, link building, social media marketing, and SEO in general. The blog was started as a single-author SEO blog by Pavitra Kumar. Today, Blog Dada features more bloggers as well as guest posts.

CognitiveSEO is focused on providing cost-effective solutions to SEO professionals and website owners. Every post on CognitiveSEO is well researched in efforts to provide up-to-date insights on the latest trends in digital marketing.

This is probably one of the most famous blogs for content marketing information and insights. Content marketing institute blogs are posted daily, with new practical insights, latest news, and ideas on content marketing.

If you are a blogger and looking for ways to run your blog successfully, then DailySEOBlog is your go-to blog. In addition to regular posts on blogging, DailySEOBlog also covers search-related updates on SEO strategies and inbound marketing.

The Detailed blog is focused on sharing the findings of tests run by search analysts on the SEO industry. Posts on the Detailed blog highlight actionable tactics on search engine traffic.

Since its inception in 2009, the Digital Marketing Institute has radically grown into a great source of insights and news on digital marketing. Posts featured in this blog include information on SEO, email marketing, digital transformation, and content marketing.

As the name implies, Digital Squad is run by a team of specialists with experience in digital marketing. The blog features posts that provide insights on digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

For informative case studies on digital marketing and the best SEO practices, then the Distilled is your go-to blog. Distilled highlights musings, insights, and news on the latest trends in the search industry. Distilled is a multi-author blog led by Will Critchlow.

Evolving SEO is a single-author blog run by Dan Shure. The blog features podcast episodes and case studies on SEO and digital marketing. Dan has a vast experience in analytics, keyword research, and technical SEO which are well-featured in his posts.

If you want to know more about SEO and tactics on how to rank your website on Google, then Flow SEO is your ideal blog. Flow SEO features news, inspirations, and new ideas on the SEO industry.

Gaps blog features posts on tests and tracks of online businesses that have been successful in their fields, to help identify gaps in the market. The blog also features several case studies and insights on SEO.

Go Fish Digital blog is a data-driven blog run by a community of experts in SEO. The blog features insights on content marketing, SEO, Online Reputation Management, and website development.

If you have been looking for an official blog by Google, then Google Webmaster Central blog has got you covered. The blog covers all the news, reports, and the latest updates from Google. You can also get tips on how your website can get better on Google’s organic ranking.

GotchSEO was started and has been running under the watch of Nathan Gotch. The blog contains posts on link building, content optimisation, blog management, and proven SEO strategies. There is also much more within the GotchSEO blog on how to increase website traffic.

Grow and Convert blog is tailored for B2B marketers with interest to grow website traffic. The blog features ideas and insights on content promotion, content strategy, inbound marketing, and techniques that will see businesses convert into revenue.


The growth machine blog has every practical lesson that bloggers need to grow their blogs and increase traffic to their websites. The blog provides insights on search-focused content marketing, link building, and Search Engine Optimisation.

GrowthHackers blog has some of the best articles and posts on start-up marketing and growth hacking. There is more than just growth hacking within the GrowthHackers blog. Also featured include articles on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and sustainable growth.

GSQi blog focuses heavily on return on investment (ROI) and digital marketing. The blog provides guides on web analytics, search engine marketing, and SEO. Blogs at GSQiare generated by Glenn Gabe with a touch of advanced SEO.

Higher Visibility is an InSite blog that provides marketing insights to business owners and marketers. The blog is also popular for its highlights on SEO, link building, and conversion optimisation. Get the latest updates on the SEO and marketing industries through Higher Visibility.

From onsite and technical SEO to content marketing and backlinks, Hike blog features posts that have every SEO advice needed by small businesses and start-ups. The blog is designed for small businesses that have limited financial capacity and exposure to SEO.

The Hobo blog is one of the best single-author SEO blogs there is in the blogging world, featuring tutorials and guides by the blogger Shaun Anderson. Tutorials within the blog include content on link building, SEO tools, keyword research, meta tags, and blogging.

Host Gator is a vast platform for website and WordPress hosting. The blog has some blogging tutorials, especially for blogging beginners. Host Gator is also known for offering tips on online marketing and how to increase website traffic.

For an update on new sales and marketing techniques, the Hub Spot blog is worth the read. The blogs are meant to help in restructuring customer service organisation. Hub spot has also ventured recently in providing tutorials on blogging.

Improve My Search Ranking blog has a touch of expertise in Search Engine Optimisation. The blog targets businesses and individuals with an interest in generating more website traffic through Local SEO. You can also get insights on blogging, website speed optimisation, and conversion rate optimisation.

The Inflow eCommerce blog is centred on marketing only. The blog, run by a team of experts, provides tactics, news, and strategies on Search Engine Optimisation. Inflow also highlights case studies on link building, content marketing, conversion optimisation, and PPC.

Digital marketing has always been thought of as complex and complicated. The IT Wingz blog is dedicated to demystifying those thoughts through the highlight of news and opinions on online marketing. The blog also features popular posts on SEO training.

John Battelle’s Search Blog is an ongoing daily blog run as a single-author site by John Battelle, a cofounder of WIRED Magazine. The blog features an intersection of culture, media, business, and technology. The blog has archives dating back to 2003.

The SEO industry in the Philippines has grown rapidly in the recent past. Kaiserthesage is one of the best go-to blogs featuring posts by experts behind Philippine’s SEO scene. The blog provides insights around digital marketing and link building.

Linkody blog is a digital marketing and SEO blog featuring insights, case studies, tips, and guides on how to increase conversion rate, website traffic, and website improvements. Linkody is also popular for practical guides on backlinks and growth hacks.

The Local SEO Guide blog is all about local SEO optimisation by businesses in their efforts to gain more consumers who depend on local search in their purchase decisions. The blog features guides, case studies, and testimonials on local SEO tools.

The Local University blog features weekly posts on diverse topics cutting across local SEO and internet marketing. The blog offers ongoing seminars on how to thrive in local search as well as other fields such as blogging and website content.

Mangools blog is a knowledge hub for SEO beginners and enthusiasts. The blog is run by a team of online enthusiasts who refer to themselves as the Mangoolers. Get actionable guides and tips on SEO and keyword research.

The goal of Marie Haynes Consulting blog is to educate and provide actionable tips on how businesses or individuals can improve their websites. The blog features weekly podcast episodes authored by Marie Haynes, a consultant on Google Algorithms.

The Moz blog is undoubtedly the most popular SEO blogs on the internet today, and it is for a reason. The blog, led by Rand Fishkin, has featured some notable posts on SEO over the years. Moz has one of the largest SEO communities across the world.

If you have been on the SEO, content marketing, or even the blogging scenes for some time, then you must have come across the Neil Patel blog. The blog provides information on analytics, website traffic, SEO, and blogging.

At the Night Watch blog is where you find enterprise-level tips and techniques on how to stand out in SEO tracking and analysis. The blog also features guides on backlink monitoring, SEO segmentation, and keyword research.

The Orbit Media Studios blog aims to provide actionable help to digital marketers on content marketing and web design. The blog features data-driven highlights in providing guidance on marketing. You can also find blogging tutorials on the blog.

Portent is a multiple-author blog that is geared towards providing businesses and marketing agencies with knowledge on Amazon optimisation, paid search, web development, SEO, and content marketing. The blog has been on the SEO scene for several years, providing measurable case studies on the industry.

If you are not sure of how to go about blogging as an SEO strategy, then the Pure SEO Blog should be your go-to blog. The blog, led by Richard Conway, is engineered to provide large enterprises, charity organisations, and start-ups with the best SEO-friendly blogging practices.

Quick Sprout was founded by Neil Patel, a global online marketer. The Quick Sprout blog features tips and guides on digital marketing, website development, and website traffic. It also outlines data-driven reviews on the best digital marketing tools and practices.

The Rank Ranger blog is among the few rarely-mentioned blogs that provide users with the latest updates on SEO. If you want to know more about content optimisation and SEO ranking, then the Rank Ranger should be at the top of your list.

Ranking By SEO is one of India’s leading SEO blogs. The blog features guides and step-by-step tutorials on the various dimensions of digital marketing, including link building, Pay-per-click (PPC) management, SEO, and social media optimisation.

The RankPay Blog is a knowledge hub that focuses on providing small and medium-sized enterprises with information on how to gain higher search engine rankings. It has all you need to know about content optimisation, PPC management, and performance-based SEO.

The Raven Tools blog is the go-to blog for businesses that want to upgrade their game on content marketing and SEO. The blog has guides for digital marketing beginners and enthusiasts on search engine optimisation.

Learn practical secrets on search engine optimisation through the SEO training modules featured on the Reliablesoft blog. The blog features diverse posts on PPC management, Google ranking, and visibility on search engines.

Rio SEO blog is all about simplifying the complexity of digital marketing. If you are interested in boosting your website’s local listing on search engines such as Google, then the Rio SEO blog has everything that you need to know.

Istiak Rayhan, a fulltime blogger and online marketer, is the mind behind Road to Blogging. The blog is a collection of posts and articles on how to get better in the blogging journey. Road to Blogging covers topics such as WordPress, affiliate marketing, SEO, and blogging.

Robbie Richards hosts some in-depth guides and tips on actionable SEO, which are published by Robbie Richard. Although Robbie manages to update his blog with one post every month, any article he writes is a gem to SEO enthusiasts.

SE Ranking blog is one of the leading multi-author blogs that feature some of the best SEO practices across the globe. The blog assembles pieces of writings on backlinks, keyword research, and search engine ranking.

The Search Engine Farm blog is aimed at providing readers with the nitty-gritty of SEO practices. As an SEO information hub, the Search Engine Farm blog provides you with knowledge on Off-page and On-page SEO, technical SEO, and guides on Google AdWords.

Search Engine Journal is a popular SEO blog, providing news and the latest updates on Google Algorithms and link building. The blog has an average of four to five posts every day, with a primary focus on SEO news.

The Search Engine Land blog, started by Danny Sullivan, has been one of the leading blogs in breaking in-depth SEO news. Just like Search Engine Journal, this blog is primarily focused on SEO news, releasing up to an average of 135 posts every month.

If you are a webmaster with an interest in improving your blog statistics, then the Search Engine Roundtable is the ideal blog for you. The blog, run by Barry Schwartz, provides the latest updates on SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Watch is one of the oldest SEO blogs, dating its inception back in 1996. Just like most of the other Danny Sullivan’s blogs, the Search Engine Watch blog is popular for its swift releases of the latest SEO news.

The Search News Central is a blog that features the latest updates on the holistic application and usability of Search Engine Optimisation. The blog is a knowledge hub where you also get to share recent news on SEO.

Articles and podcasts on Search Metrics SEO blog are about current issues revolving around SEO and content marketing, with an update on data-driven statistics and trends in the industry. The blog is multi-authored, with a focus on increasing marketing transparency.

SEER Interactive, unlike most SEO blogs, focuses only on releasing unique posts that will highlight the actual value of the marketing community and SEO industry. The blog covers topics across Google Analytics, paid ads, and SEO.

The SEMRush blog is an archive of posts that cut across voice search, app development, and SEO. In addition to having an SEO tool, SEMRush provides a blogging platform for digital marketing enthusiasts where they can share their expertise and opinions on SEO.

SEO Book is a multi-author blog led by Aaron Wall. The blog provides tips on digital marketing, search analysis, and Search Engine Optimisation, as well as a professional opinion on the evolution of the web. The SEO Book blog has an SEO training program that highlights the basics of SEO.

The blog focuses on evergreen and traditional SEO strategies that have been proven to work. The mind behind SEO by the Sea, Bill Slawski, is popular for the analysis of white papers and Google patents. This is a great blog to follow if you are interested in knowing how search engines work.

Copywriting is one of the essential elements in Search Engine Optimisation. The SEO Copywriting blog goes into the details of some of the best practices of SEO copywriting. You will also find, in the blog, information on how to increase conversion rates and targeted traffic.

Blogging is one of the most effective SEO practices. But you must ensure that your blogging is optimised and that your approach is right. SEO Hacker blog provides you with tips on blog optimisation. The blog also features guides on content marketing, local SEO competitiveness, and the recent trends in the world of digital marketing.

SEO Pressor blog brings you tips and tricks on Search Engine Optimisation. The blog is data-driven, providing readers with the techniques on how to stay on top of search engine rankings. SEO Pressor is also popular for diverse posts on fields such as copywriting, digital marketing, keyword research, and blogging.

SEO Profiler is another old SEO blog started in the late 90s when search engines were seeing their debut in the marketing industry. The blog publishes local and mobile SEO news regularly.

If you are looking for a website with authentic information on SEO practices and techniques, web community relationship analysis, and algorithm analytics, then SEO Theory is the blog to follow. The blog is run and primarily written by Michael Martinez, an SEO expert.

seoClarity highlights some of the best priority SEO techniques that have been tested and proven to be effective for companies and SMEs. seoClarity is a multi-author blog, providing insights on how to increase your website’s search visibility.

SEOno is an online marketing and SEO centred blog run by Steve Morgan. Morgan is a freelance SEO consultant with vast experience in digital marketing, especially SEO. The blog covers topics across blogging, PPC, and search engine optimisation.

In addition to having around five digital marketing tools, Serp Stat has a collection of articles that provide information on the latest internet marketing news. The blog also features YouTube videos offering information that cuts across content marketing, SEO, and PPC.

Spy Serp offers the necessary tools for your company’s growth hacking. The blog is also popular in providing the latest trends cutting across search engine optimisation, link building, content marketing, and analytics.

Stan Ventures has been in the digital marketing scene since 2009, providing expertise on link building, content marketing, and SEO. The blog is run by a team of SEO professionals with roots in India and the USA. The blog’s content is tailored to increase every company’s return on investment.

In the ever-changing digital environment, businesses will need the right marketing tactics and strategies to remain at a competitive advantage. State of Digital blog is about these digital marketing tactics. The blog features topics such as data-driven SEO, content marketing, and link building.

If you are interested in driving growth in your business through the various dimensions of digital marketing, Stewart Media blog has the content you need. This multi-author blog provides information cutting across content optimisation, lead conversions, SEO, paid ads, and site audits.

Stone Temple was acquired by Perficient in 2018. The multi-author blog is popular for featuring regular posts across diverse topics, including content marketing, optimisation, SEO, market automation, and analytics.

To boost marketing campaigns to the top, Tech Wyse features posts from various SEO experts, with advice and tips on SEO. Posts at the Tech Wyse blog are highlighted in the form of interviews, insights, and infographics.

Among the few SEO blogs with a comprehensive, unique, and more sophisticated approach on SEO, Terakeet ranks at the top. The blog is run by multiple authors with experience in content marketing, conversions, analytics, and website traffic.

The Daily Egg is not as popular as most SEO blogs. They are highly involved in providing website tracking tools and the necessary metrics to know what should be Improved. Additionally, the Daily Egg features blog content with topics cutting across digital marketing, Google analytics, and conversions.

The Edit is a multi-author blog owned by St Ives, a digital marketing agency. The blog features both short and long guides on the facets of digital marketing, including SEO, content and email marketing, PPC, and conversions.

The HOTH blog has been on the SEO scene since 2010, with a focus on providing businesses and individuals with the best SEO services. In addition to developing content on how to increase search traffic, the team of experts at responding for the HOTH blog regularly make posts on blogging, affiliate marketing, link building, and keyword research.

The Search Herald blog aims at providing individuals with information to clear their curiosity about the search industry. The blog provides you with the latest and most critical SEO news only.

If you are after the latest news from experts on the search engine market, then the SEM Post will have you covered. The blog provides you with commentaries on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and SEO.

The SEO Guys blog has a track record in featuring some of the best tactics in increasing organic traffic and boosting companies’ Google rankings. The blog provides SEO strategies that are tailored to specific demographics and locations.

The Weekly SEO blog is updated on a weekly basis, every Monday, with guides and tips on the best SEO practices. The posts are curated and run by the blog’s co-founders, Matt and Andrew.

The Traffic Box blog is all about Search Engine Marketing and long-term SEO campaigns. The blog’s posts are in-depth, cutting across other topics such as social media marketing and blogging tips.

Follow Tubular Insights blog for the recent news and the most popular insights on video marketing, influencer marketing, and YouTube advertising. Compare how your video is competing against the world’s popular video marketers through Tubular’s analytics and video measurements.

Unamo is another proficient blog that provides marketing solutions to readers on the best SEO practices, website optimisation, social media marketing, and SEO penalties. Unamo is also popular for its dynamic guest posts.

The Upkeep Media blog is all about management marketing, providing businesses with insights on online marketing strategies. The blog also features case studies and practical guides on management marketing.

Vizion Interactive blog applies a comprehensive approach to content development. The multiple authors of the blog are informative on almost all aspects aimed at providing businesses with a high return on investment. These include social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and analytics.

Businesses face unique challenges when marketing their brands online, especially when dealing with large amounts of company data. Volume Nine blog features articles that address these challenges and the right online marketing approaches to gain a competitive edge.

If you are interested in driving growth in your business through the various dimensions of digital marketing, Stewart Media blog has the content you need. This multi-author blog provides information cutting across content optimisation, lead conversions, SEO, paid ads, and site audits.

Webris was started by Ryan Stewart in 2015, who has assembled a team of SEO experts to provide clients with the best SEO solutions. Webris is committed to testing all the identified SEO tactics. The results are then compiled into the Webris blog’s posts.

Yoast tools such as Yoast WordPress are some of the widely used SEO tools across the world. Yoast addresses a variety of issues, including conversion rate optimisation, social media marketing, site analysis, and other SEO-related topics.

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