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Social listening tools

6 of the Best Social Listening Tools for 2020

Social Listening Tools

There has been a significant growth in the number of the brands taking the social media way seeking to get broader customer insights than before. Consequently, the momentum at which social listening tools gaining popularity has thus grown. This has been mostly attributed brands’ need to read their customers’ minds reap the business benefits of achieving on listening to their thoughts-a world of infinite possibilities.


Social listening is a means of gaining some form of access to what people are saying, especially as regards your competitors, industry or brand all across the internet without the web’s users noticing that you are actually listening. Gaining the mastery of wording your filters and queries will ultimately give you the most unbiased, authentic insights you can ever get as a brand.


This post will take you across 6 of the best web and social media monitoring tools that will go a long way in helping you gain on insights as well as acting on them come 2020.

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1. TweetDeck

This tool is especially handy in case you are looking to manage more than one Twitter accounts and keeping out an eye for any mention. The tool is Twitter’s official social media platform dashboard that gives you access to managing your online presence on Twitter as a business, especially if your business has more than one Twitter account. The columnar view gives you a precise layout to let you add in multiple feeds from the trending posts, direct messages, user feeds and mentions of your keyword choice.

You will also have access to Twitter’s search functionality, which means you can narrow down your searches with such filters as negative keywords, location, date ranges or language while engaging with any of the mentions on behalf of any of your multiple accounts. You also have a scheduling capability on the neat column.

2. Mention

Mention is a tool that gives you a real-time social media monitoring capability with customisable reports and data. You can set up an alert that will in turn provide you will results from 24 hours back with the ability of retrieving historical data on request.

Mention not only allows you listen in but also allows you discover Instagram and Twitter influencers when you run a keyword search. The results will then give you the ability to add you influencers of choice to lists then save them in CSV. These CSV formats can be imported to your CRM tool. Supported networks include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twiiter, Google+, blogs and news.

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3. Agorapulse

This is an ideal tool for managing and monitoring your social media for a growing business. This is an excellent choice of a standalone reputation management and listening platform with the ability to monitor and schedule bits. It seamlessly finds any mentions of accounts you connect plus any comments on the social media feed and at the same time allow you search across Twitter with your choice of keywords. You can also identify any influencers that fall within your social media audience and easily assign any conversations to your team.

However, the tool does not offer web monitoring making it a viable option for just monitoring social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole is also an ideal 2-in-1 listening tool that offers keyword and real-time hashtag tracking on news, Instagram and Twitter. It not only gives you the ability to automate your posts, hashtags or keywords across these social media platforms but also monitor any brand mentions across the news sites and blogs especially with the built-in analytics like keyword clouds, mention maps and sentiment analysis. Some of the cool premium features include getting access to Keyhole’s data through API, tracking industry influencers or unlocking historical mentions.

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5. Awario

This is one of the most affordable analytics and social listening tool that comes with Entreprise-level capabilities. Even though it is relatively new, it gives its users an affordable social listening option with a lot of capabilities.

This tool can help you monitor your brand mentions, industry, and competitors or set up complex queries intended for use cases that are less obvious. For instance, the tool lets its users detect any plagiarised copies of user’s content while finding any linkless mentions that users can easily turn into links. As you do this, you can also monitor any new backlinks associated with your site.

Users also have access to Leads- a social selling tool, a free add-on to all users. It makes us o predictive insights to find users seeking for recommendations about similar products like yours.

6. Brandwatch

This listening tool allows you to measure your social media and give you in-depth analytics for your business. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools having analytics capabilities. This factor is what makes it more expensive than others. Apart from monitoring, you have access to your audience’s demographic data, API access, image recognition, trending topics and dashboards that can be customised into PowerPoint presentations.

It also comes with Vizia, its own platform for data visualisation for purposes of visualising your tool’s data and combining the data with insights from integrations including Hootsuite, Buzzsumo and Google Analytics. Supported networks are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, YouTube, Google+, blogs, the web, VK, news and QQ.

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