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Our client came to us with an old outdated website, that in his words said… ‘I’m embarrassed to direct people to it”.

He needed a website that made everything easier for him and his clients. He would often have clients ring him whilst he was out on the road and he would have to pull over, scramble around of a pen and paper and try to take all the clients details on the side of the road. He would often forget some information and have to ring them back up asking for it.

We worked with him to create a website that shows visitors clearly what he does and that allows his clients to fill out all of their details online.

My Car and Finance Case Study


We achieved this by creating systems on his website that makes his customers journey easy and their experience pleasant. Filling out finance forms and personal details can be long winded and boring. We ensured the forms were engaging, easy to follow and would allow the customer to see where they were in the process, rather than filling out a form that seems to have no end to it. 


Our client is now able to direct clients and other car dealers to his website knowing he will be able to obtain all the information he needs in order to proceed with the sale. This has saved him huge amounts of time, allowing him to focus more on growing his business further, providing better customer service and more time spent with his family. Additionally the simplicity and functionality of his website has led to higher conversion rates.

My Car and Finance Case Study

How was this achieved?

This was achieved by understanding the clients current problems with his old site. Identifying what he is trying to achieve through a website and working closely with the client trying to understand his process. By understanding the clients process and frustations within his job we were able to create something thats works seamlessly for his business. 

My Car and Finance Case Study

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