How we helped a start up with 267% Organic Growth


Our client started their company at around January 2021 right in the middle of a national lockdown! As with any new business they spend some time laying the foundations i.e. branding, website, sorting out a premises, accounts etc. Once set up their attention turned to marketing. 

We were hired to build awareness of their business, build trust with the public, create authority within their space and subsequently generate more leads for their business.

PCA Traffic Trend


The campaign was a success. All of their target keywords were ranked on page 1 and they saw an increase of 267% in organic traffic from Google.  


This meant they are now a force to be reckoned with amongst their top competitors. These are competitors who have been dominating the market for years and within 6 months they now have a new contender to deal with. This also meant my client is now always top of mind when people are looking for help within this industry; resulting in more enquires.

Property Claim Assist Case Study

How was this achieved?

The we worked with the client to identify their key offerings and built a strategy based around that. We needed to drive the right people to the money pages; the pages that would most likely convert visitors into leads. After establishing these keywords, we optimised these pages.

Because the service my client offers is relatively unknown to the public, the next approach was to drive the right traffic to their site through education. We identified questions and keywords people would be looking to find the answers to, and created regular high quality, highly optimised blog articles throughout the campaign.

By putting the visitors interested first and providing them with the best information on the web, this built trust, authority and meant when the time was right they returned to my clients websites for their help.

Build brand awareness, build Authority and Generate Leads

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