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Debugging and why its your Attitude that matters

Why in Fixing errors and debugging your Attitude matters

Debugging involves the process of detecting, identifying and eliminating errors from computer hardware or software. It is a vital process in determining why an operating, application or a program is misbehaving.
So many people get it wrong when they are debugging their computers and this largely is because they have a wrong attitude that includes:
Making random changes in the hope that they would work
Searching for a lot of information and trying them without really understanding the underlying principles of what they are doing
If they break something, they simply revert the changes back and start the entire process again!
This kind of attitude is what stands between an effective and successful debugging from a failed one. Most people consider debugging a complicated process which is not true. Attitude is the key to the fight against debugging.

Countering the negative attitude problem.

An example of a problem you may have is when you have 2 Divs stacked together one on top of another, and you want, for example, to separate them. A common solution that most people use is changing the z index to achieve the results they seek, however, this does not necessarily work. You may end up with both Div A and B at the top in both Firefox and Chrome concurrently.
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Another solution google may recommend is that the possible reason why the z index might be difficult to work on is that Div A and B are actually in different stacking contexts! If this actually holds, then it means even if you change the index z of Div A to 999999 you would still not get the desired result of Div A seating on top of Div B.

This is now exactly how attitude sets in. Most people are likely to give up after these few trials. A little relaxation and a change in your attitude can actually be the remedy you are searching for. If you can let go of these unorthodox methods of debugging, and perhaps resort to reading simple documentation on stacking order, then you can be sure of fixing your problem very easily.

The Hypertext Markup language ( MDN ) page clearly detects that:
When the z index property is not specifically specified on any element, then it holds that the elements are stacked from bottom to top accordingly.

Isn’t this so simple? The solution is simply determined by the order of arrangement of the divs in the HTML. Putting Div A after Div B in the HTML makes everything work in both the web browsers!

Learning the Basics.

A good attitude and approach in every problem is trying to understand and learn the basics principles.

The stacking problem discussed above turned up not to be as complicated as imagined earlier by following those simple guidelines. All there was to do was reading a simple guideline in the documentation of stacking to have an in-depth understanding of stacking related work.

So in any computer-related problems, it’s important to cool down first, then learn a few basics and see if they are helpful.

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Finding a reliable documentation source.

It can be frustrating when you do not know where to find accurate and reliable information and advice with regard to the problem you face. Always avoid reading any overflow answers|blog posts that are not 100% accurate.

Seek articles from experts that seem reputable and written in a professional clear way. It is quite normal to think that its impossible to understand the basics of any computer software and debugging in general.
All you need to fix before fixing any debugging problem is your attitude.

Some of the commonly asked questions on debugging include:

1. How do you improve debugging skills?

You can improve your debugging skills by understanding the internals of your operating system, learning to use more advanced debugging tools, exposing yourself to greater challenges and learning to identify code smell.

2. What are some of the debugging techniques?

Some of the techniques include testing a program against a chosen set of input tests to give the programmer confidence that the program is correct. The testings are aimed at revealing the effects of errors and not the cause of errors.

3. What are the debugging tools?

Debugging tools are programs that test and removes errors in other computer programs.
When debugging, it’s very difficult to know in advance which assumptions you make are either right or wrong, so it is recommended you check everything accordingly. Be methodically and also logical. If you have no idea where your buy is located, you can simply try the top to bottom technique.

In preventing bugs, always use codes that look easy in any programmer’s eyes and in fixing them, you must understand the codes you use.

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