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OA Design Services offers full Graphic Design Services in Kent. This page will aim to deliver a quick overview on Graphic Design and how it can help your business.

Graphic design Services in Maidstone Kent

Graphic design Kent is an integral part of a business. Every company needs to work with a design agency that’s capable of using their talents to improve the busines logo and corporate identity. Business owners searching for graphic design in Kent or logo design in Maidstone have come to the right place. By hiring a fantastic design agency, all aspects of a business’s branding and visual identity can be enhanced.

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Graphic Design Maidstone

What is Branding?

Branding plays a vital role in marketing and promoting a business. It’s also essential for establishing a visual identity for a company. In effect, branding refers to how a business presents itself to the consumer market. All companies need a brand – this is a particular idea that identifies a business in a specific way, and helps consumers relate to that specific company. 

With an effective branding strategy, an organisation can promote itself in a specific way to a target market. Not only that, but branding can be used to improve the reputation of a business as well. 

How does this link to graphic design? 

Well, a Maidstone design agency can help organisations develop a brand image. This includes creating a logo, deciding the tone of voice that a company uses in its marketing material, and figuring out what colours to use on the website, posters, a magazine advert, and so on. An excellent graphic designer will provide a creative input that brings all elements of branding together to establish an image for the business in question. 

As a result, people can feel more connected to the company, which may encourage them to buy things from it and become customers. In short; branding helps promote businesses and establish connections with consumers.

What is a visual identity?

Visual identity refers to all of the visual elements of a brand. In effect, this includes the following: 

  • Business logo
  • Brand name
  • Website
  • Packaging materials
  • Advertising materials
  • Social media profiles
  • Exhibition booths

The list goes on and on, but there’s a simple way to understand visual identity as a concept. Think about every single part of a business that can be seen by consumers – they all make up the visual identity.

Working with a brand agency in Kent allows companies to work on their visual identity. A creative agency in Kent will work alongside businesses to establish consistency in the visual identity. Everything needs to follow a similar pattern; the colours have to be the same, the typography needs to be similar – it all needs to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.  

Creating a visual identity makes it easier for consumers to recognise specific companies. When the same colours and images are used over and over again, they become ingrained in people’s minds. 

The first step to establishing a visual identity is hiring a digital marketing graphic designer. Business owners searching for branding and identity design services are in the right place. A quick call is all that’s required to schedule a consultation.

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Graphic Design Kent

Logo Design

Logo design is a crucial service for every single business. Without a logo, how will a company be recognised? But, having a simple logo isn’t enough – it needs to be unique. To achieve this, businesses need to work with a full-service branding agency. 

Why? Because a branding agency will ensure that a logo is developed that enhances the visual identity of a company and improves its image. A professional logo from an experienced graphic designer is far better than a stock image taken from the internet. With graphic design in Kent, small businesses can work directly with a professional designer who will take all of their requirements onboard. This leads to a beautiful logo design that represents the business and draws the attention of consumers. 

A logo is essentially the face of a company. It helps put a name to the brand, while also influencing the rest of the visual identity. The logo should come first, and then everything else will follow – the website design, magazine design, business cards, etc. Don’t waste money buying pre-made logos or attempting to create one with no help. Seek out the best logo development company in Kent to sort everything out.

The principles of logo design

The best logos all follow six key principles. If businesses want the best logo design in Maidstone, then they need a graphic designer who follows all of these principles: 

  • The logo design must be simple and easy for people to digest. A complicated design is too hard for brains to handle, meaning people either take no notice or look away in disgust! 
  • An excellent logo uses colours to great effect. The best colours to implement in logo design are ones that give off emotions – like red, blue, pink, etc. Also, the colours have to match one another!
  • Business logos need to be scalable so they can be used on business cards, billboard adverts, uniforms, and so on. 
  • The logo design needs to be timeless, which means it will still look fantastic in a decade or two. This helps companies avoid spending money on re-brands every few years.
  • Of course, the design needs to live long in people’s minds. It as to be memorable and eye-catching, make people stop and take notice. Work with a talented graphic design company in Kent, and memorable logos are guaranteed. 
  • Lastly, it also helps if the logo looks good in black & white. Yes, colours are important but think about where the logo will be used. It could form part of a newspaper advert, or be somewhere else that only uses black & white colouring. As such, the logo design needs to still look excellent in these situations.


Typography is the lettering used when building a visual identity for a brand. It helps to convey the tone and values of a company, depending on the style of typography used. 

Big, bold, lettering conveys a forcefulness and strength to consumers. As such, this works perfectly for warehouse brand design or construction companies. Cursive writing flows better and has a more calm and caring look – which is why it’s often used in the beauty industry. 

Typography is sometimes used in the logo – and some logos may only be typography if the logo is the brand name. But, it also refers to the font and lettering used throughout the digital marketing campaign. Websites need excellent typography to solidify the visual identity of a brand. As a general rule, companies need to be consistent with this. For example, if serif fonts are used in the logo, then serif fonts should be used throughout. 

Work with a skilled creative agency in Kent to ensure that the ideal typography is used to improve brand identity! 

Any busines owners that need assistance with logo design, typography, visual identity, or branding need to get in touch today. Call now, and an experienced and talented graphic designer will schedule a consultation to go over all the necessary requirements.

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