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How Much It Costs to Build a Website For a Small Business

Well-designed websites act as the perfect online storefront for both online and offline businesses. Having said that, you might be wondering how much it will cost to build a website for your small business? On average, small businesses spend between £1000 to £10,000 to build a website.

The cost of creating a website for your small business varies due to a couple of factors as your site’s features and whether or not your business is fully e-commerce. Websites with more features and custom-built components cost more because of their complexity.
Cost of building a website

Top Factors that Influence Your Small Business Web Design Costs

Several essential factors generally add up to determine the final cost of creating your website. They include,

1. The Domain name (Usually £1-£15)

This is like your online street address. There are few companies where you can purchase a domain name. They include; GoDaddy, HostGator and Dreamhost. Domain names cost anywhere from £1 per year up to £15 per year. This usually depends on whether you are unique, low competition or up for sale.

Always ensure your domain name auto-renews to avoid losing your URL or breaking hard-earned links. Purchasing a domain name from an existing owner generally costs more.

2. Website hosting (£20-£120) per year

Website hosting companies metaphorically keep the lights on, to your online storefront. They are responsible for powering your site and making it available on the internet.

There are generally lower web hosting options for small businesses. The prices, however, range from £24 to £24000 per year with the later price mainly reserved for large companies. Shared hosting, where your company shares a server with several other websites’, cost around £24 to £120. They are efficient for small sites which require fewer resources.

3. Site Goals (£1,000-£15,000)

Design cost for small businesses varies widely depending on different factors. Every company has different goal and targets. While one may be looking at creating systems to save time and money, another may be looking to grow their company and their revenue.

The basic components of a website is:

• Homepage
• Product or service page
• Contact page

4. Size

Different websites differ in size. While service-based companies mainly have few than 15 pages others mainly e-commerce stores easily feature over 100 pages. This hence takes time to build more pages costing more.

Average page number for most small business’ websites range from 1 to 50 pages. 

Although size of your website is a factor thats taken into account when its getting priced, again, it ultimately comes down to what your goals and aims are for your business and what kind of budget and resources it will take to help achieve your goals.

5. Functionality

In web design functionality encompasses a range of features, where most focuses on e-commerce capabilities. If a company accepts online payments and orders, functionality expenses are required for the business’s web design.

This is also applicable for companies that require human contact to complete the task such as landscaping or plumbing. It is always advisable to offer online payment options. This because most shoppers find online payments convenient. Having an online payment option also serves as a unique selling point for most business. This, in turn, increases customer traffic for your business.

Web design cost for functionality features of small businesses does not often affect the price. This is because they have smaller websites that do not require complex features as large sites. Some larger sites may require more complex functionality so they can solve specific problems. 

Website cost for small businesses

Major Recurring Website Maintenance Costs

Recurring changes on your website act as an investment in your site’s performance and security. Various website maintenance usually include:

  • Updates to plugins
  • Regular off site back-ups
  • Adding and removing items from E-commerce stores
  • Alterations to content 

How to Calculate your Small Business’s Website Design Costs Instantly

Small business website design costs depend on a range of factors such as design preferences, must-have features and your business goals. Web design prices can be estimated based on your specific needs and goals.

If you have more questions about web design costs for a small business, you should connect get in touch with us straight away!

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