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How to use SEO for your cleaning service business

What can SEO do for your cleaning service business?

When you are trying to find new clients for your cleaning business, SEO services can be an incredibly useful tool. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the importance of SEO for small businesses and they do not know how they can use it to find new clients for their cleaning business. 

This article answers a lot of basic questions, like what is SEO and how it works, how to do SEO, and how to get clients for a cleaning business.  

What we will cover in this article

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Cleaning service SEO

How Do I Get Clients For My Cleaning Business?

All cleaning companies need a cleaning business marketing plan if they want to find new customers. This marketing plan should include a wide range of different strategies, both online and offline. 

Traditional marketing methods, like word of mouth, still remain very important for a cleaning business. It is important that they ask customers to recommend them to friends and family and most cleaning businesses will get a reasonable amount of new customers that way. However, if they want to see any meaningful growth, they must also use digital marketing methods to advertise their cleaning business. 

All businesses need a strong social media presence because many people connect with businesses on these platforms. It’s a great way to promote their service by posting pictures and building relationships with potential customers. Email lists are another cost effective method for reaching a lot of potential clients in a short space of time. 

Cleaning businesses also need a professionally designed website because the majority of people will search online when they need to find a business. However, a website will not perform well unless it is near the top of the search rankings on Google, which is why cleaning service SEO is so important. 

Is SEO Important For Every Business?

Many new businesses ask, what is SEO in digital marketing and why is it important? Whenever somebody does a search online, complex algorithms designed by Google and other search engines decide which websites appear first on the list. Learning how to do SEO or hiring an SEO agency helps companies to climb the rankings and drive more traffic to their website. 

This is so important because the first page of Google results gets 71% of all clicks. In some years, that figure has reached 91%. By the time you reach the second page of results, that figure drops to only 6%. That means that any business that is not on the first page of results for a given keyword will struggle to drive any organic traffic to their site. Although paid ads can be effective, they only account for 15% of clicks as the majority of people prefer to click an organic link. 

Statistics show that 91% of all online experiences start with a search engine. This means that, although businesses can drive some traffic to their website through social media, ranking well on search engines still remains incredibly important, and SEO tools are the only way to do that.

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SEO cleaning services

Is SEO Important For Small Businesses?

Although the benefits of SEO are clear, some people still wonder why small businesses need SEO and whether they can still be successful if they focus on other marketing methods. However, SEO is equally as important for small businesses as it is for global corporations because it levels the playing field. If an independent cleaning business is trying to compete with a big chain, they don’t have the same financial resources to put into their marketing. Those large cleaning companies have the money to spend on TV ads, national direct mail campaigns, and expensive paid ad campaigns. A small cleaning business cannot match that, but they can match them where SEO is concerned. If they use the right SEO tools, a small business can rank close to or even higher than a big company. 

It is also important for small businesses to manage their costs so they can avoid cash flow issues. Cleaning company SEO is so beneficial because it is cost effective, so even the smallest businesses can still rank well on search engines. An SEO company can create a well managed SEO campaign that will bring long lasting results that increases traffic and boosts sales for years to come, so in terms of return on investment, it is one of the most effective marketing strategies there is. 

Brand recognition is another big benefit of SEO services for small businesses. Competing with well-established brands is tough, but SEO drives more traffic to small businesses websites and helps them to increase brand awareness in a big way. 

Regardless of the size of the business, SEO is essential and it is even more important for small businesses because it allows them to compete with large companies. 

Should I Use SEO For My Cleaning Business?

There is a common misconception that SEO is only effective for companies that do most of their business online and a local company, like a cleaning business, doesn’t need to use an SEO agency. However, that is not the case because even local businesses can benefit from SEO in a big way. 

If a potential customer is in need of a cleaning service, they will search online for something like ‘cleaning company in [city name]’. If a cleaning company invests in SEO, with a focus on local search engines, their website will appear above any of the big national cleaning companies and they will get a lot of qualified traffic to their website, which should result in a lot of new clients. 

Word of mouth marketing only goes so far and eventually, that growth will start to slow down. Although a cleaning company may be able to find enough clients to remain relatively stable, the only way to see sustained growth is to use SEO tools to boost their rankings on search engines.

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Using SEO for your cleaning business

How Can I Use SEO To Target Clients For My Cleaning Business?

There are many different aspects to cleaning service SEO and it is important that businesses get them all right if they are to see an increase in new clients. 

Content is one of the most effective ways to use SEO to target clients for an SEO company. Writing informative posts with cleaning advice and tips is an effective way to drive traffic to a cleaning website. When people search online for things like, ‘getting stains out of a carpet’ or ‘removing scratches from hardwood flooring,’ they will be directed to a blog post on the company website that gives them all of the information that they need. As well as driving traffic to the website, this also helps to demonstrate the authority of the business. It shows a potential customer that the company is an expert in cleaning and builds trust, which is so important for any business. 

When writing content, keyword research is essential. Businesses need to determine which keywords people are using to search on Google. It is also important to consider the keywords that competitors are using so they can target more specific keywords and avoid crossover with companies that are already drawing a lot of that traffic. 

When managing keywords, companies need to consider the increase in voice search and adjust their strategy accordingly. In recent years, personal assistants on smartphones and smart home devices, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, have gained popularity. Surveys show that, at the end of 2019, 48% of people used voice search on a regular basis. 47% of those people use voice search to find businesses. In the future, voice search devices will become more popular and the percentage of searches made using voice will increase. It is important that cleaning businesses factor this in when choosing keywords. As a general rule, people tend to use full sentences when using voice search instead of using a string of simple keywords when using a standard search engine. This means that long tail keywords will perform better in the future. A professional SEO service will be able to help companies conduct a content audit and manage keyword research, so they can target the most effective keywords. 

There are also some important changes that cleaning companies need to make to their website to ensure that they rank highly on search. There are a lot of technical elements that influence the way that website crawling bots categorise the content on your site and decide how relevant it is to the search. The title of all posts, for example, need to be carefully considered because this is the first thing that somebody sees. There is only a limited amount of space to be used and the searcher will decide whether to click based on that limited title. Keywords should always be included in the title tag and they need to give a good idea of what the article is about. 

The meta description appears underneath the title and gives a brief rundown of the content on the page. Cleaning companies need to ensure that they include enough useful information to encourage people to click on the site, but leave enough information out so people are forced to read the full article. 

All websites need to be optimised for mobile as well because nearly 60% of all searches are conducted on mobile devices. If people are in need of cleaning services, they are likely to pull out their phone and do a quick search, and then click on one of the top results. However, if the website is not mobile friendly, Google will penalise the site and it will be knocked down the rankings. Even if people do find the site on search, the site will be difficult to use unless there is a dedicated mobile version, so they are more likely to look elsewhere. 

These are the best ways to target clients for a cleaning business using SEO.  

How Far Can I Target People For Cleaning Services Using SEO?

An online retail company deals with customers on a national or even global basis, so their SEO strategy is designed to target people from anywhere. But how far can a cleaning service target people using SEO? 

A cleaning business needs to focus on smaller geographical areas, which is why local SEO is important. When a user performs a search with a local keyword, like a city or region, Google will rank search results based on how close they are to that location. If you use general keywords like ‘cleaning service’ you won’t rank very highly. Instead, you need to use locations specific keywords that contain a city name instead. Large cleaning companies that operate in multiple areas need to create separate landing pages for each location, so Google knows exactly where their services are available. 

There are other simple ways to boost local SEO, like setting up a Google business page so the business appears on Google maps. A ‘contact us’ page with the address of the business and map also shows Google exactly where the business operates and pushes them up the rankings for local search. 

Which Types Of Cleaning Can I Target Using SEO?

Regardless of what kind of cleaning services a company offers, their potential customers can be targeted using SEO. 

Companies that offer general domestic cleaning services should focus on content that appeals to the average homeowner. Blog posts about things like getting stains out or cleaning your oven, for example, will drive the right kind of traffic. 

Commercial cleaning companies that deal with office buildings should adapt their strategy and create content that is more relevant to business owners. Posts about the benefits of a clean office for productivity or the way that customers perceive a business will work well. 

More specialised deep cleaning services should focus on targeting property owners and landlords who need their homes deep cleaned before renting them out again. Posts that focus on things like the importance of a clean home when trying to find tenants, for example, are perfect. As long as cleaning companies adapt their strategy to fit the market, it is possible to target any kind of cleaning service using SEO. 

Cleaning service SEO is the most effective way for cleaning companies to expand their client base and drive meaningful growth. Although there are some effective SEO tools out there, the best way to improve search rankings is to use a professional SEO service. 

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