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Lead Generation WordPress Website Web Design Best Practices - Top 5

WordPress Lead Generation

It’s all well and good for a website design to be banging, but is it generating leads? The purpose of many websites is to inform customers and make them spend more money on a product or service. Web design should also be used to create a website that meets the needs of the audience. It should also encourage them to remain loyal to your brand.

If you want to know more about WordPress website design best practices keep reading. By the end of this article you’ll have some great ideas you can put into practise and be able to build a much better site.
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User Experience Should be the Focus

To be a success your focus must be on building design for the target audience. The initial aim of most websites is to advertise a business, however, it’s vital that the advertising message should be made for the audience. The user experience is more important than anything else, and the design of the WordPress website has to allow the audience to find information quickly. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

Pages should be quick at loading – a slow-loading page is going to switch your audience off, and they’ll go elsewhere. Tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights can be used to help improve page loading speed.

Make the most of any white space – not every available space on a page has to be utilised. A small amount of white space helps to break things up. It also helps to make a page easier on the eye and allows the audience to browse.

Simple navigation – website visitors should be able to find what they need for quickly and easily. If this is their experience they’re more likely to stay on your website and become leads. Simple navigation includes broad headings and subcategories, so a page looks organised.

The Right Design is Essential

A success WordPress website is one that’s aesthetically pleasing. A statistic worth remembering is that almost 95% of initial impressions are in relation to a website’s design. A killer design captures your audience and encourages them to stay on your page. For successful user-focused web design consider the following:

Choose a custom design – with a custom design you can stand out from the competition and provide an experience that’s unique and memorable

Design should reflect your business – create a design that reflects your business as this helps leads remember your brand.

Create a style guide – consistent pages across your website makes it look more cohesive. Leads are also more likely to consider your brand trustworthy.

Testimonials Can be Used to Boost Credibility

Another statistic to remember when it comes to website design is that more than 90% of people trust recommendations over a brand. Visitors should trust your business if you want to turn them into leads. You can build trust by:

• Adding testimonials to the website

• Integrating reviews from other sites and from Google

Reviews and testimonials make your audience feel more confident in the service you can provide.

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Encourage Visitors to Make the Next Step with Awesome Call to Action Buttons

Call to Action buttons are a good way of taking your visitors to the next level Here are some best practices to follow:

• CTAs shouldn’t be plain. Avoid generic CTAs such as “Click here” or “Download now”. Go for something a little more compelling.

• Make your CTAs pop. CTA buttons work best when they pop off the page. A good way to do this is to choose colours that stand out from the rest of the page.

• The shape of your CTA buttons is more important than you think. Try a few different shapes and test which are the most successful.

Engage Your Audience with Visuals

Pages and pages of unexciting text can be very overwhelming for any visitors to your WordPress site. Visuals can be used to great effect because they break up text and make information easier to digest. Give your audience a better browsing experience when they visit your WordPress website by adding the following:

Infographics for presenting data – complex data or facts can be very hard for your audience when presented in text form. A more engaging way of presenting this type of information is with infographics. They can be used to visually present statistics, facts, and much more. They are also great at catching an audiences attention. Another bonus is that they’re easy to share on social media platforms.

Videos when a complex topic needs explaining – to increase engagement and interest visitors you should use videos whenever possible. They are great for explaining complex topics, to showcase products, and help the audience learn about you and your business.

Authentic rather than stock photosstock photos are easy to use, particularly when you want to add visuals to the website design. However, using authentic photos creates a more personal experience for visitors and brings them closer to your brand.

Web design for lead generation is essential if you want to grow your business. Follow one, two, or all of these best practices and your website is going to attract and capture leads.

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