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SEO Berkshire

SEO services in Berkshire

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the cornerstone of all successful modern marketing strategies, and any business worth its salt needs to boast a strong and well-organised SEO plan. And localised SEO services like SEO in Berkshire can be used to your advantage when it comes to making the most of SEO, as well as figuring out what it takes to utilise it as much as possible. These are some of the things you need to know about modern SEO.

So What Exactly Is SEO and how SEO works?

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation or organic search, is a subset of digital marketing that is utilised to help your website rank highly in search engine results. It is imperative that SEO is used effectively in order to give your business the best possible chance of success. Any business in the world can utilise SEO to help improve the visibility and online presence of your company. Keywords are an integral part of the SEO process and marketing strategy, as they can be used to help the business rank very highly in Google and other search engine results. 

Essentially, SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website in the most organic way possible. Search engines such as Bing and Google use bots to crawl online pages and collect and organise information. This information is analysed and ranked, based on algorithms, to determine the order in which pages appear during a search query. SEO is crucial for companies in Berkshire UK because people conduct hundreds of millions of online searches every year, looking for information on products and services. You need to stand out as the experts people can trust and attract interest as a business. This is why SEO is such a vital part of the process of successfully marketing your company. 

What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Local SEO is just as important as global SEO services, and, in some ways, it is actually more important for a lot of businesses. Indeed, according to Go Gulf, 46% of all Google searches are made by people looking for local information. SMEs and entrepreneurs need to do their best to improve visibility and online reputation, and this is something that SEO tools can really help with. Local SEO services can be used to target many different locations local to them. If you run a local business, such as a store, you want to be able to optimise your website so that people are able to find your bricks and mortar business more easily. 

In fact, in some ways, SEO local services can actually be the best kind for a business, because you will be able to create local landing pages and Google Maps locators that people in the area can use to try to find your business. But there are other factors to consider that play a part in helping with localised SEO in Berkshire, and these include things like content creation, word of mouth, and blog post entries.

seo services in Berkshire

Why is Local SEO so Important?

As a small business, it is imperative that you understand the importance of local SEO, and hiring the most professional SEO service you possibly can. Local SEO searches, like SEO Berkshire, can be invaluable for local companies, and you need to make sure you do as much as possible to ensure you show up in local SERPs (also known as search engine results pages). Unless your business is entirely digitised, you are going to need people to visit your business in order to pay for products and services, and this is why it is so essential to utilise localised search results as much as you can. 

It is also worth noting that, according to SEO Tribunal, 97% of people find out more information about local businesses from online than from anywhere else. This is why you need to make sure you do your best to work on link building and developing a strong social profile locally. Something else to consider is the fact that 50% of people who conducted a local search on their mobiles visited a store within 1-day, while 18% of mobile searches led to a sale within 1-day, according to research. This illustrates the importance of making sure your local SEO is as mobile-friendly as possible.

What is on-page SEO?

Simply put, on-page SEO refers to anything that you can control with regards to your website SEO. This means things like the structure of the web pages, the speed of the site, and pretty much anything else you can do to optimise the web pages in order to improve search engine rankings. One of the biggest factors of on-page SEO is making sure you have amazing content on your site. This means carrying out some sort of content audit and making sure you have done the right keyword research. Hiring copywriting services would be an excellent idea if you are serious about boosting and improving the content found on your web pages.

Getting your on-page SEO right is really important because this leads to higher search rankings, increased traffic to your site, and more conversions, not to mention helping to enhance your online reputation as well. You also need to make sure you get your on-page SEO sorted out before you are able to move onto the off-page SEO and link building that also plays a massive role in helping your business get better.

On-page SEO. Let Google Know what your page is about.

Both on-page and off-page SEO services are essential; we’ve covered one of these, and you need to understand the other. Off-page SEO should be done once the on-page stuff has been completed to the highest possible degree. The process of off-page SEO is all about being able to find and source quality backlinks from some of the best-quality websites you can that have a lot of traffic. Sourcing the best possible links is so important because this is the way you are able to work on building a strong social presence.

Link building is one of the key aspects of achieving this, and according to Data Box, external linking is the third-most important factor in SEO. This is something you will need to work on closely with whichever SEO agency you choose to hire. Whether you’re using SEO agencies in Berkshire, London, or New York City, it is vital to have high-quality links that are not spammy and people would want o share across social media. Ensure that you produce top-class content that is informative and interesting, and not simply stuffed full of keywords.

How The Search Engines Work Right Now

Understanding the way in which search engines work in 2020 is really important in order to allow you to make the most of SEO and help your business thrive as a result. Search engines work by crawling billions and billions of web pages using website crawling bots and then using ranking factors to give some sort of order and relevance to search results. The way this works is that bots follow the links on pages to take them to new pages, and so on. It’s important to know how the system works in order to leverage it and use it to your company’s advantage when trying to make the most of SEO.

Search engines generally have 3 SEO principles that they adhere to crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Crawling: This is where the search engines scour the internet for content and make an assessment of the content they find for each web page and site. 

Indexing: Indexing is the process of storing and organising the content that was found during the initial crawling process, and this is helpful when it comes to the process of displaying it as a result. 

Ranking: Ranking is when the search engine determines the relevance of a particular site or web page and uses this to help order the results more effectively.

How Can SEO Help Grow my Business?

There are a lot of things that play a part in helping SEO to grow your business and bring you success as much as possible. There are so many different forms of business marketing that you can use right now, and SEO is one of the most effective that you can use. Growing and improving your company is one of the best things that play a massive part in this process. SEO is vital for getting consistent sales targets, helping you to target new clients and customers in the local area. Things like Berkshire SEO services are essential for localising your business and taking things to the next level as a business. 

You also need to do as much as possible to build and improve your brand awareness and recognition. There are so many things you need to understand that will help you to build trust with customers online, as well as in the local area in Berkshire. SEO boosts inbound traffic, leads to more customers, helps build credibility, converts traffic, and improves business reputation. It is absolutely vital for allowing you to be a success as a modern brand, and this is something to keep in mind.

How Long Does Google SEO Take?

You need to be aware of how long it takes for Google SEO to start working and for your business to start seeing results. You need to have some sort of long-term strategy in place that is going to help the SEO marketing you’re working on, and it can be some time before you start to see the benefits. Indeed, according to Aira, 51% of marketers state that it can take around 1-3 months to see results from the link building you’ve been working on, with 77% stating between 1-6 months.

Of course, this is not an exact science, and companies can never give an exact answer as we cannot control search engines and how they work. There are a lot of things that can influence and impact the way in which Google SEO results affect your business in Berkshire. There are a lot of factors such as the competitive nature of keywords, and how good your website is. This is something that you need to work on if you want to be able to enjoy fast and effective results from your company’s SEO marketing services.

How Often Does SEO Need To Be Done?

It is also important to make sure you figure out how often and regularly you need to be doing your SEO. Being able to use SEO as often as you can is really important, and you need to work out how often you need to be updating and working on the SEO. On-page SEO should be your focus for the first month or so, and then after that, you should switch your attention to off-page SEO as much as possible. Once you start to focus on this, you need to keep up with it every month until you are in a position where you have reached your business target. 

Getting to the top, or as close to the top as possible is really important, and once you have reached the top you are going to need to stay there. You’ll have other brands trying to compete for market share, and trying to secure higher ranking with their digital SEO services. So, you need to continue to link-build and use the best possible SEO techniques to keep you at the top of the tree as often as possible.

How Will I Measure The Success Of This SEO Campaign?

The success of an SEO campaign depends a lot on what your business wants to achieve from your SEO, and this is something you need to keep in mind. There are so many things that play a role in this, and you will need to make a decision about the keywords and content you are going to put into your website in order to help you improve your SEO. You also need to make sure you focus on doing as much as possible to try to get your business as successful as possible. 

You are also going to need to understand what it takes to make the most of your SEO campaign, and trying to get to the top of the SERPs rankings. If you reach the top of the search engine rankings and you are still not getting the customers you should, then the problem could well lie with your website design and content. And there are a lot of things that play a massive role in the process of improving your SEO campaign. The content you have on your website is the place to start when it comes boosting your SEO services.

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SEO is a long-term strategy so therefore requires consistent investment. SEO is done every single month until you have beaten your competitors in and around your local area and you have reached your targets. Because of this Berkshire SEO is priced monthly. Prices range from £450 per month to £1600 per month. This can either be done on a month-by-month cancel anytime plan or it can be done in a 12-month contract at a discounted price.

The cost of SEO is based on multiple factors. The first is competitor analysis. Analysing you current competitors and working out what it would take to beat them would largely decide on which package you will need. If the keywords you want to target are high competition it may take more high-quality backlinks and more high-quality content writing to beat them! On the other hand, if the keywords are low competition it may not require as many backlinks or as in-depth high-quality content.

The second is, how many keywords do you want to target? Each package has a different number of keyword’s if you want to target 20+ then either the gold or platinum would be your best option. If you only want to 5 to 20 local keywords them the lower tier packages might be more suitable.

Lastly and arguably one of the most important aspects for you is what kind of return on investment (ROI) will you be getting. We would only ever take on an SEO client if the ROI was worth it. We can show you a rough calculation to give you an idea of how much an SEO campaign should return you to make sure both parties are happy with the potential outcome.

We only work with WordPress websites. If you do not know what your website was built on, then we can find out for you. If your website is not currently built with WordPress, we can rebuild it onto WordPress at a fee.

Having said that if your website is built on/with something else and you have a developer already we are happy to work alongside you developer throughout the SEO campaign.

We offer 4 different Berkshire SEO packages; each package is designed to cater for different businesses with different goals. The packages also make it clear and easy for you the customer to know what you are getting for the different price points.

Our 4 packages are:

Basic – For low competition local businesses located in and around Berkshire

Bronze – Designed for small businesses looking to target more keywords

Silver – This package is designed for small/medium-sized businesses

Gold – This is the best value, it suits most businesses and most situations

Platinum – If you have got stiff competition in Berkshire and other areas around the country or you just want to dominate as fast as possible this is the one for you.

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