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So What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. As well as increasing the quantity of traffic to sites, a local SEO Kent company will boost the quality of traffic coming to your website.

Bad links, such as ones that are paid for illegally, are picked up by search engine algorithms and docked points. Therefore, the quality aspect of SEO is essential as businesses need organic results to rank highly. Also, it’s crucial to point people in the right direction and not try and trick them. For example, Google won’t take too kindly to SEO services that don’t sell the products and services advertised.

A website isn’t the only feature that is ranked regarding SEO. On and off page SEO means that rankings are based on many elements, including web pages, videos, tags, titles, and all kinds of meta-data.

Essentially, the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo take into account everything that they believe is the most relevant to audiences. How do they do it? The short answer is that their algorithms sift through data and flag anything that adds value.

SEO Best Practices

Understanding how an SEO consultant Kent  will transform a company’s digital presence is a vital part of what we do. In this section, users will learn about the on and off page SEO techniques at their disposal.

On Page SEO Best Practices

Businesses need to use the following regardless of their current strategy. Although they have been around for a while, these practices stand the test of time because they are useful. As a result, the first thing SEO conscious firms should do is create a responsive website.

SEO web design companies are a massive part of modern-day businesses as they increase visibility. Also, navigation techniques prevent users from becoming frustrated and bouncing.

Longer content is another must-have feature as it affords companies a higher link percentage and backlink acquisition. Mobile SEO – responsive web design – is, without a doubt, the most used SEO practice in the last five years. A security icon is a necessity, too, as Google alerts users to websites that aren’t secure.

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Off Page SEO Best Practices

Off page SEO wise, it’s essential to create shareable content as videos and posts get reshared and likes. Contributing guest articles is also useful for raising awareness of the brand and tapping into new audiences while reaching out to social media influencers is a powerful tool for the same reason.

Do I Need To Perform SEO for My Website?

Yes, anybody with a website needs to perform SEO. Firstly, it raises the number of people who see and visit the site. As a result of increased awareness, there’s a bigger chance of making conversions. 

For people with eCommerce platforms, this means they can monetise the site and sell products or services. However, money isn’t the only reason to hire a digital marketing agency – local SEO is also about credibility. Businesses without a reputable and trustworthy site won’t be able to generate leads or increase sales as no one will trust them with their information.

Website operators shouldn’t forget about the competition factor. Staying ahead of rivals is imperative to maintain market share, and a digital marketing firm in the UK can help. Of course, search engine optimisation is technically free, which means entrepreneurs get access to all the benefits without paying a penny. 

The top 100 digital media agencies in the UK all understand how to improve a client’s bottom line without going over budget.

How Will I Measure The Success Of This SEO Campaign?

We are a digital marketing agency and a SEO digital company that aims to deliver. So, our clients don’t get techniques and strategies that sound good yet are effective. Instead, they are taught how to measure the success of their campaigns to ensure they are hitting their local SEO marketing targets. By doing this, new business development won’t be a pipedream but a reality.

A technical SEO audit is an excellent way to revolutionise a plan, and it starts with analytics software. The right program tells businesses and website owners what people are doing and why. For example, it shows the number of customers who land and then bounce straight away, which points to site aesthetics and navigation. Also, analytics software analyses purchasing habits. If people aren’t checking out, there could be a problem with the online form.

To measure SEO analysis, every feature needs to be measurable because it’s impossible to improve an element that isn’t trackable. It’s always important to look out for traffic insights to accurately measure the success of a campaign. Some of the best include click-through rate, site traffic over time, and page visits. 

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How The Search Engines Work Right Now

Ranking a website never used to be too difficult. A coder would write the code, and content creation services would include a couple of keywords in the text.

Now, it’s a lot different as search engines are cracking down on bad practices and what they see as a lack of value. Every search engine has an algorithm, but they share similarities. All of the main ones have three primary functions: crawling, indexing, and matching.

Bots crawl web pages and follow the links to analyse the data, whereas indexes look up the searched keyword and come back with relevant results. Matching is when the algorithm matches the information from the search request to the index and adds it to the results list.

Search engines make hundreds of changes each year, which is why an SEO consultant is a fantastic partner. Keeping up with updates is hard work for people who don’t have the time to research the more than three-thousand updates Google reported in 2018. 

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Organic Listings

Organic SEO refers to a strategy that uses unpaid, algorithm-driven methods on a search engine results page. The most effective organic SEO techniques are long-tail keywords, backlinking, and utilising high-quality content. The latter might include mixing different methods such as text, video, and images to make the content as interactive and engaging as possible. 

To rank highly on organic listings, it’s essential to avoid Black Hat SEO. This is when websites use methods that are banned, such as link farms and keyword stuffing, to boost their rankings on SERPs. When a search engine spots these techniques, the site in question is instantly ranked at the bottom of the results’ pages.

Although organic SEO is harder because it requires more work, the benefits outlast the effort. Sites that opt for organic techniques improve their business as they will generate more clicks. This is because organic optimisation provides relevant content and adds value to users as a result. Also, this leads to longer-lasting results on ranking pages. Not only do they build trust, but organic SEO methods are cost-effective, too, in comparison with paid listings.

An excellent tip is to optimise a site by incorporating metadata as metatags enhance the user experience.

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Who Do I Want To Visit My Website?

Website traffic is a necessity, but sites can’t attract everyone. SEO services for small businesses understand this and use a client’s resources to expand on their demographic. That means analysing the ideal person for the product or service and creating marketing that advertises to them.

Companies can waste time and money crafting content that is too broad, which results in poor rankings and a low conversion rate. Although it’s not possible to see individuals who visit a site, analytics software will group them into various demographics. That allows businesses to view them and use them as readymade leads.

Aside from customers, it’s also important for competitors to visit a website. When rivals check on competitors’ SEO, they do it because the site is one of the leaders in the market and want to copy the strategy. Platforms that encourage copycats can be safe in the knowledge that their SEO plan is one of the industry’s best and is performing to a high standard.

Tracking software provides business opportunities as it proves which pages and sections of the website are high-quality. And, even though it’s annoying to know competitor SEO is fake, it is also a badge of honour in many respects.

What Function Does My Website Serve?

The purpose of a website is multi-varied. For an information-centric platform, the function is to display clear and detailed digital content that answers questions and fills gaps.

An SEO expert in Kent understands that the reader has to learn something new and useful if they are to rank the experience highly. This is important because the search engines will crawl and index this data before they decide on the position of a website on SERPs.

Another function that a website can serve is providing goods and services. A digital agency for eCommerce will funnel customers towards products and the checkout portal to maximise profits. If making money is an integral part of the business’s corporate plan, then it’s essential to make the buying process as pain-free as possible.

Local SEO services in Kent will improve the chances of more sales and leads by bringing more customers to the website. Some entertainment-based sites and blogs use content creation solutions to engage readers and audiences. SEO content writing, as well as infographics, images and videos, are designed to keep people coming back for more by being witty and dynamic. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with mixing entertainment, information, and eCommerce to try and offer a superior service. Professional website help, such as web design for desktop and mobile SEO, should ensure a company chooses its purpose wisely.

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What Pages Do I Want My Website Visitors To See?

Every website is different, which is why SEO companies in Kent will craft a specific strategy for their clients. However, users and customers have a set list of expectations when they visit a website. If they don’t experience them, people will bounce without making a conversion.

So, a homepage should always be a welcoming page that sets out the company’s intentions. What does it do and why? Also, how can the site help anyone who lands on the homepage? An ‘About’ page is another fantastic addition. Adding to the foundation laid by the homepage, it expands on the people behind the business.

A ‘Services’ page is where eCommerce websites detail the goods or services they offer to their customers. Listing hundreds of products can seem cluttered, so it’s often wise to divide this page into sections and add short descriptions and explanations. Bullet points are great at keeping the content snappy and to the point.

A ‘Testimonials’ section also should be included because people use reviews as a way to establish trust, while FAQs ensure the site is practical 24/7. Finally, it’s important to include a ‘Contact’ page for lead generation. The best SEO companies for small businesses use SEO techniques to funnel users to each section, depending on their search terms.

What Do I Want My Visitors To Do On My Website?

In short, a conversion is the most important thing a visitor can do on a website. Once SEO competitor and keyword research has brought people to the site, it has to encourage them to convert. A conversion takes various forms, the main one being a purchase. Buying a product or service is the ultimate action as it increases sales and the site’s credibility. Search engine optimisation should direct customers to the relevant sections to boost the chances of a purchase.

Of course, a conversion can also be a registration. Users that sign-up for a newsletter or as members of a website submit their details. From email and home addresses to phone numbers, the information is vital for digital marketing purposes. Without it, businesses struggle to generate leads and the bottom line suffers. And, this applies to several sectors, from car dealers to dentists, estate agents, and law firms. 

An SEO agency in Kent can help a business turn into a top performer in their industry due to their expert knowledge and experience.

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