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Every day your ideal client is typing into Google your services in Sevenoaks. If you’re not coming up in the page one search results you simply will not get seen by any of them!

seo services in Sevenoaks
seo services in Sevenoaks
SEO Sevenoaks

So You're Business In Sevenoaks Looking For SEO Services

If you’re a local business looking for a way to generate more consistent sales and leads through your website, every single month then SEO in Sevenoaks, Kent could be the right option for you. Performing SEO services for your business in Sevenoaks is what will get you seen by the right people. In fact, if you have landed on this page is highly likely you’ve typed into Google ‘SEO Sevenoaks’ or ‘Sevenoaks SEO services’.

Why Is SEO Important? And What Can It Do For You As A Local Business?

SEO marketing is the business of creating highly relevant, tailored digital content that drives leads and conversions from your website. There are several key benefits for small businesses in getting it right:

  • Increasing qualified leads to your website that are more likely to convert to a sale 
  • Reducing your dependence on pay-per-click and other forms of paid-for advertising 
  • Improving your search engine rankings and site visibility 
  • Getting your brand known

There is a huge potential audience out there for what you do – but you need to use SEO services to make sure you are visible to them and connecting with them through the power of content. 

With the right local SEO experts who can understand how to make SEO principles work on your website you should see:

  • Improved ranking of your site on search engines
  • A boost to your site of highly targeted traffic
  • Increased revenue through organic SEO
  • The lowest cost and best return on investment compared to your paid advertising channels

Making your website more visible is a process of ensuring that you have relevant content, a site that is well-structured and easy to navigate. Bring in other aspects of your marketing, such as your social media channels, using Google maps and other relevant tools and your site will start to appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). It all has to be structured around the questions your customers ask, and how your company can support them with their query. 

The right SEO optimised website can:

  • Lower your spending on other marketing channels 
  • Enhance website metrics such as a low bounce rate and longer dwell time 
  • Convert a higher percentage of enquiries into orders

How SEO Sevenoaks Is Done

SEO works when it’s implemented correctly, and with the right SEO services in Sevenoaks, you can ensure that your business benefits from the best SEO strategy possible.

A company can get away with basic SEO with some results, but you want to have definite leads, customers and people looking at your website.

SEO is done by targeting the audience who are actively looking for your services. If you target your audience with the right keywords, optimise your title tags and focus on excellent content creation, you can get your SEO strategy off the ground. Choose the right SEO company to help you, and you will strike the right balance.

What Is An Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service Provider?

An SEO service provider offers professional SEO services to increase the number of visitors to your website.

They work on ensuring that your brand is visible on local search engines and that you place high in search engine results pages (SERP’s). Businesses who are visible on social media and have a mobile-friendly website are those that will get better results.

The right SEO services in Sevenoaks can help you to do just this; improve and explore better ways to improve your organic search engine results.

Does SEO Still Work?

Right now, businesses all over the world are relying on SEO to push their business website to the top of the search engine results pages. SEO is worth more than it ever has before, and your business has to take it as seriously as possible to be visible by customers

There are often questions surrounding whether SEO still works in today’s digital world, and the answer is that SEO is worth as much as it ever has been.

It’s an investment for any business, whether you choose to use SEO services in Sevenoaks or you go it alone and perform your own keyword research. Your website traffic will benefit from SEO, and it’s still the most powerful way to push targeted, organic traffic toward your website.

You can drive long-term results with a regular content audit and the right SEO principles in place. Promoting blog posts and ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is all part of the process!

Remember If you’re not competing to be top of the search engine results pages your competitors will be!

Do I Need To Hire Someone For SEO?

In a word, no, you don’t need to hire a Sevenoaks SEO agency to work on your website’s behalf. And yet while you may not need it, you should consider it.

Operating in a problematic industry or market is hard, and it will help to have an expert on your side to guide your business website through content creation, copywriting, Google Maps, social media and other marketing services.

Using the right SEO services in Sevenoaks will be the fastest way to get the results that you want. SEO experts can take your current SEO strategy and polish it. While not every business invests in an SEO expert right now, they should.

How Do I Start Sevenoaks SEO?

It all starts with an SEO site audit. You or an SEO specialist needs to go through your website and work out what needs improving in order to rank higher on SERP’s. Once you have determined how you can improve your website in the best way possible you will need to do the keyword research so you know which keywords you need to target.

When you are starting out with your SEO principles, it can help to research your target keywords. Keyword research is the most essential starting point for your SEO journey.

Once you do this, you can find out what content currently ranks for those same keywords and perform a content audit of your website.

If you can figure out how to make your content more useful for your website, you can then start to drive more organic traffic to your site. From here, you can then link up with an SEO specialist for better link building and guidance.

Do I Need SEO Tools?

Any great SEO agency aims to help your business website to reach the top of the search engine results pages. For this to work, you need to maximise every opportunity to optimise your website and improve your visibility online. You need to have help with link building, content creation, voice search, Google Maps, social media, and more. The best SEO services in Sevenoaks will be able to help you to do this, for it to work, you need to use SEO tools. SEO strategies are run better with consistency, productivity, and efficiency, and you need to be on your game with it. Hiring the most professional SEO services will help you to do it, and it’s those agencies that use the SEO tools that will get your website to the top. It takes time to build your website and it takes resources like SEO tools to ensure that this happens. Software and SEO tools that allow users to analyse and organise web page SEO data will help you to hone your SEO campaign and be more visible online. Some of the tools that you can use to improve on what you already have include: link building, keyword research, content promotion, and more. Without SEO tools, this wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective! Here is a list of some of the most useful SEO tools on the web:

Of course, there are a lot more (too many to list) but the tools in the list above are some of the most well used and trusted ones.

Will SEO Exist In 5 Years?

As with any technology, evolution is strong. SEO is no different. We are watching the internet of things keep things like smart solutions and automated cars more prevalent in our daily lives, so it makes sense that business owners will want to know what the scope of SEO in the future is. Online marketing and the digital landscape for businesses is evolving so quickly, that the question really does matter – as does the answer. Will SEO exist in 5 years? Absolutely.

It doesn’t matter what the devices are, we will still use search engines like Google and Bing to find what we need. SEO will be needed with keyword research to find websites like yours, which means that you still need to invest in a great agency for SEO Sevenoaks possible. The thing that will change, however, is the way we search – not that we will. For example, we may start relying more on voice search assistants like Siri to help us to find what we need, which means that you need to continue to optimise your content accordingly.

How Do I Know My SEO Is Working?

Your SEO should be tracked from day one. Most SEO tools have rank tracking built-in. You will only see keywords once they are with the top 100 of Googles search results. From there the tracker will update every day where you will be able to see your rankings climbing over time.

Your SEO company should be able to provide you with regular reports to show you that everything they are doing is working as it should be.

Do not worry if your rankings drop from time to time, this is perfectly normal behaviour. Only worry if they drop massively after a Google update. This could be a sign that something has been done against Googles rules.

If you want your SEO strategies to work, you need to make sure that you are evolving with the changing SEO landscape. Discuss your needs with a professional SEO agency, and you can ensure that your SEO is going to work. You need to know that your website will remain successful and traffic will be driven to your site – and adaptation is the key to ensuring your SEO plan continues to work!

How Much Should I Budget For SEO?

Working out your digital spend is a crucial piece of your SEO puzzle, but it’s not always an easy one. You need to have a goal in mind and the return you want for your budget, but you should also be aware that the normal amount of spend sits in the range of £400-£2000 per month. Before you can truly calculate your SEO spending, you need to know your overall digital marketing budget. Once you know this, you can then carve out a % which you can then devote to SEO spending, and it’s here that you need to think about bringing in a great SEO agency to help.

You may think you’ll be able to manage your SEO yourself, and you might – it’s not always the case that you’ll need professional SEO services. However, it’s important that you are getting this right for your business to succeed. You have to consider how much you want to drive traffic to your website and what outcomes you expect. Your budget will then sit according to those expectations. If you aren’t happy, you can then adjust your budget to spend more on your SEO campaign. This is vital if you want to find success with SEO.

Lastly, you might want to think about how well your current website performs. First and foremost you need to get visitors to your website. Once this is achieved by performing SEO in Sevenoaks we can review Google analytic to see how people are interacting on your website. This will tell us if you require specialist web design services in order to increase conversion rates.

What Are Keywords In SEO?

If you want your SEO journey to be a successful one, you need to think about keyword research and the keywords that you use. The right keywords are going to drive the traffic that you need to your website, and when you nail your keywords, you can watch your SEO strategy improve. The views will start coming in, and you will find that this leads to more customers, more sales, and more profit overall. There is a lot of talk surrounding keywords and keyword research, but you should be thinking about what people will be typing into Google to reach your site, and then you can start feeling inspired by which keywords to use.

Still confused? Don’t worry. The best SEO company will be able to do this research for you and ensure that you get the best results. Different keywords attract different audiences at each stage of the sales funnel, and you should look into the keywords that count to increase your chances of conversions.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

SEO is a long-term strategy so therefore requires consistent investment. SEO is done every single month until you have beaten your competitors and you have reached your targets. Because of this SEO is priced monthly. Prices range from £450 per month to £1600 per month. This can either be done on a month-by-month cancel anytime plan or it can be done in a 12-month contract at a discounted price.

The cost of SEO is based on multiple factors. The first is competitor analysis. Analysing you current competitors and working out what it would take to beat them would largely decide on which package you will need. If the keywords you want to target are high competition it may take more high-quality backlinks and more high-quality content writing to beat them! On the other hand, if the keywords are low competition it may not require as many backlinks or as in-depth high-quality content.

The second is, how many keywords do you want to target? Each package has a different number of keyword’s if you want to target 20+ then either the gold or platinum would be your best option. If you only want to 5 to 20 local keywords them the lower tier packages might be more suitable.

Lastly and arguably one of the most important aspects for you is what kind of return on investment (ROI) will you be getting. We would only ever take on an SEO client if the ROI was worth it. We can show you a rough calculation to give you an idea of how much an SEO campaign should return you to make sure both parties are happy with the potential outcome.

We only work with WordPress websites. If you do not know what your website was built on, then we can find out for you. If your website is not currently built with WordPress, we can rebuild it onto WordPress at a fee.

Having said that if your website is built on/with something else and you have a developer already we are happy to work alongside you developer throughout the SEO campaign.

We offer 4 different SEO packages; each package is designed to cater for different businesses in Sevenoaks with different goals. The packages also make it clear and easy for you the customer to know what you are getting for the different price points.

Our 4 packages are:

Basic – For low competition local businesses in and around Sevenoaks

Bronze – Designed for small businesses looking to target more keywords

Silver – This package is designed for small/medium-sized businesses

Gold – This is the best value, it suits most businesses and most situations

Platinum – If you have got stiff competition in Sevenoaks or you just want to dominate as fast as possible this is the one for you.

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