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If you're a business based in Surrey and you're looking for a company that can help you with your SEO you're in the right place!

Your ideal clients are searching for your services on a daily basis and if you’re not coming up in the search engines search results you won’t be found!

seo services in Surrey
SEO Surrey

Are you looking for SEO services in Surrey?

Every day people are searching for a vast number of services, problems or products. If you are not on page one of Google you will not be found but your competitors will! Your customers will find you exactly how you found this page by typing in SEO Surrey!

By beating your competitors and getting your business on page 1 of Googles results it will result in better cashflow and more consistent leads. 

SEO explained simply and what impact it can have on you business

A revolution in marketing that has been building for quite some time, the practice of search engine optimisation, or SEO, is using the power of search engines to market your business. With 3.5 billion searches and growing made on Google every single day, it’s essential to be visible to potential customers who are seeking something your business can offer. Working with a good seo company can get your brand in front of these potential customers by increasing your search page ranking. Using SEO principles, link building and content creation, you can set up a steady stream of leads that your website has the potential to convert into paying customers. 

The SEO Basics You Need For Success

Your search optimisation strategy needs to include:

  • Relevant, targeted content which answers a user need 
  • A clear, easy to navigate website 
  • Pages created using keyword research 
  • Value-added posts from social media and appearances on well-ranked channels like YouTube and Google Maps

Get these right and you could enjoy a huge boost in conversions, and all without a huge marketing budget which provides hit-and-miss results. 

Driving Quality Enquiries 

The right seo principles can draw potential customers into your site. And if they are met with clear, compelling content and relevant offers then you have a great chance of changing that lead into a sale. This means that you can generate sales activity without having to pour your limited budget into lots of different marketing methods. Simple steps like making your website mobile friendly can have a big impact, and when you work with the right SEO company, they don’t have to be difficult.

Why Its Important To Monitor Your Website

SEO can play a significant role in how you manage your website such as making sure your website offers a great user experience with the best content and at the same time keeping it fast and relevant.

Daily monitoring is important therefore and by perfoming SEO it will enable you do just that. Checking your website is a quick takes that will give you good insight into how you customers are using your site and what needs to be improved to give them a better experience. 

Some key areas you should be monitoring daily are:

Traffic flow
Bounce rate
Click-through rate
Conversion rate
Keyword rankings
Site exit points

There are various free and paid tools that will help you with monitoring your website.

Tools that will help you do this are Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Console, Moz’s Rank Tracker and many more.

seo services in Surrey

How Effective is SEO?

Professional SEO services from an SEO company in Surrey are widely known for being one of the most effective pieces of the online marketing puzzle. From being effective in increasing your website traffic to being cost-effective, SEO holds firm in a continually changing digital landscape.

SEO is about finding the intent of your audience and improving the quality of your website traffic to meet their needs.

Its effectiveness is evident, and it achieves so much more because it is a combination of free and paid advertising. Your visibility will be improved with the use of SEO, and when you increase the exposure of your brand, your business does better.

Is SEO the Same As Paid Search?

Paid search and SEO should work together in your business to bring you what you need. When you work with an SEO company in Surrey, you will gain a better understanding of how SEO and paid search can both cover each other’s weaknesses.

SEO without a paid search strategy will not be as effective as an SEO strategy with one. SEO will focus on your organic search results, where paid search focuses clearly on a bidding system for the right advertiser to get the best placement online.

Both can be used with social media, and both strategies can be mobile-friendly, too.

Search Engine Optimisation Process for Your Website

Almost every SEO agency campaign can be done in three stages:

  • Offsite optimisation. Search engines reward you for the uniqueness and content quality, including using website crawling to pick your keywords out and help you to rank highly.
  • Keyword research. Without the correct keywords, a business won’t go very far as keywords are what it’s all about. There is a variety of SEO tools that can be used to research keywords for relevance.
  • Website optimisation. Analysing your website for high ranking factors like the relevance of your blog posts is essential. A content audit is vital to remain relevant to local search engines, as is new content creation.

Is SEO Important for Small Business?

Without SEO, your business will not rank on the front page of search engines.

The right SEO company in Surrey will ensure that your small business is seen – which is the point.

You don’t have to be a large enterprise to benefit from the rewards of SEO. You may have a limited time to spend on your website, but that’s the point of an SEO company in Surrey picking up the slack for you.

An SEO agency can show you the importance of SEO for your small business, and it will help to put you on Google Maps! 

How do I get SEO on Google?

SEO is the process in which the traffic to your website is improved because of organic or algorithmic search results from search engines like google. It doesn’t matter how lovely your website is, if you don’t have the right SEO, you won’t go very far! There are several things that you can do to ensure that you are visible on the search engine results pages, including Google. Some of these things include:

  • Bettering your page titles to include short, compelling descriptions for search spiders to find about your page.
  • Researching the right keywords so that customers find your website based on the keyword they are searching for
  • Alternative text descriptions can add weight to your images and videos, offering descriptions to those who are visually or auditorily impaired.
  • Sitemaps enable search spiders to locate your page quickly and with much fewer clicks than is necessary.
  • Most of the clicks done by those visiting your website will come from mobile traffic, so you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly to all platforms where possible.
  • You also need to monitor all of your progress – there’s no use in having a strategy for SEO Surrey if you don’t know if it’s working or not.

Does Google use keywords for SEO?

Google uses keywords for SEO so that the search spiders can find the relevant websites as per the keyword that has been searched. There are two main purposes for keywords: achieving good SEO rankings and gaining more site visitors. For a while, a keyword meta tag was used to store phrases and keywords and it was a very valuable piece of an SEO puzzle. Over time, it’s ceased to be such a valuable SEO tool, and it was abused by those trying to cheat the system to rank higher – even with poor websites. Google no longer uses the keyword meta tag, but that doesn’t mean that your keywords are not important for your website.

Keywords help your customers to find your website, and the right SEO services will help you to figure out which keywords you should use. Website crawling will make a difference to where you rank, and you need to ensure that a local search engine will find you. Keywords will help you here. The right professional SEO services will ensure that you are not wasting your keywords, or over-stuffing them! Understanding how SEO works is vital to your website’s success.

Can you pay Google for SEO?

The short answer here is that no, you can’t pay Google for SEO. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use the relevant Google SEO tools to help. You can use tools like Google Ads, which will help you to boost your SEO efforts. The best help for SEO comes from an SEO agency that can help you to understand how these tools will better your website. Google has been more secretive about its search algorithm and this is largely to stop companies from cheating the system as they did once before. This doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t share their algorithm changes, though, and there are professional SEO services out there that know how to identify those changes and boost your SEO Surrey efforts.

The right SEO agency is the people to approach with your SEO strategy, especially where content creation and blog posts are concerned. You need to have a good plan that will ensure that you can drive traffic to your site as cheaply as possible. You may not be able to pay Google for SEO, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the best for your website and your SEO Google Analytics.

Is SEO a waste of money?

When you are dealing with learning how to do SEO for website step by step, you may wonder whether it’s worth the effort. Search engine optimisation is something you’ve heard but hasn’t paid much attention to, and yet here you are. You need to think about whether you want your website to be seen or not. If you want it to be noticed and clicked on by your customers, you need to perform keyword research and think about the way your content creation is received. You also have to think about the SEO tools available to you with the best SEO services you can find.

Is SEO a waste of money? Absolutely not. It can be the driving force behind your business website being popular – being seen. Many major businesses rely on their SEO strategy to get any customers at all, and for some businesses who get their referrals by word of mouth, they wouldn’t use SEO as much. If you want to increase revenue and improve your website visits, SEO should always be something that is invested in properly. This means using the right professional SEO agency for your SEO strategy in Surrey and bringing your business website to the top.

Why is SEO so expensive?

Before we can talk about why SEO is expensive, we have to appreciate that there are plenty of SEO agencies around that offer cheaper services for SEO. However, as with any service, cheap in money often means cheap in delivery. When the prices are exceptionally low for things like content creation and social media SEO help, there’s often a compromise in quality of service. SEO services can be expensive, but if you want link building and in-depth SEO explanations on how your website can improve with the right SEO strategy, you need to be ready to up your budget. You want fast results, but you want accurate results, too, and often that means paying more for it.

SEO is expensive with some professional SEO services because there are more experienced individuals in charge, and more resources used to get the results you want. There is a lot involved in SEO, from keywords to site analysis, content writing, and more. All of this comes with measurement and analysis, too. The time that goes into SEO is huge for some, and the price reflects the effort. It’s worth it if you want the best for your website.

What is the difference between SEO and Google AdWords?

Search engine optimisation is different from Google Ads in that SEO is all about getting better rankings on search engine result pages organically. This means when someone searches for something you come up as part of the results that Google has trusted to out onto page 1 of its search results. The most significant difference between the two is that the traffic with Google Ads is paid for; SEO is organic. When someone clicks on your ad you will get charged per click. 

Quite often Google ads is a great way to bridge the gap in the time it takes for you to rank organically. Therefore pay per click marketing is often a short term strategy and SEO is the long term strategy. 

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SEO is a long-term strategy so therefore requires a consistent investment. SEO is done every single month until you have beaten your competitors and you have reached your targets. Because of this SEO is priced monthly. Prices range from £450 per month to £1600 per month. This can either be done on a month-by-month cancel anytime plan or it can be done in a 12-month contract at a discounted price.

The cost of SEO is based on multiple factors. The first is competitor analysis. Analysing you current competitors and working out what it would take to beat them would largely decide on which package you will need. If the keywords you want to target are high competition it may take more high-quality backlinks and more high-quality content writing to beat them! On the other hand, if the keywords are low competition it may not require as many backlinks or as in-depth high-quality content.

The second is, how many keywords do you want to target? Each package has a different number of keyword’s if you want to target 20+ then either the gold or platinum would be your best option. If you only want to 5 to 20 local keywords them the lower tier packages might be more suitable.

Lastly and arguably one of the most important aspects for you, is what kind of return on investment (ROI) will you be getting. We would only ever take on an SEO client if the ROI was worth it. We can show you a rough calculation to give you an idea of how much an SEO campaign should return you to make sure both parties are happy with the potential outcome.

We only work with WordPress websites. If you do not know what your website was built on, then we can find out for you. If your website is not currently built with WordPress, we can rebuild it onto WordPress at a fee.

Having said that if your website is built on/with something else and you have a developer already we are happy to work alongside you developer throughout the SEO campaign.

We offer 4 different SEO packages; each package is designed to cater for different businesses with different goals. The packages also make it clear and easy for you the customer to know what you are getting for the different price points.

Our 4 packages are:

Basic – For low competition local businesses

Bronze – Designed for small businesses looking to target more keywords

Silver – This package is designed for small/medium sized businesses

Gold – This is the best value, it suits most businesses and most situations

Platinum – If you have got stiff competition or you just want to dominate as fast as possible this is the one for you.

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