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Social Media’s Impact On Your SEO

How can Social Media have an Impact On Your Search engine optimisation

Every marketing strategy requires you to handle your social media. But did you know that it also plays an essential role in your SEO campaigns?
Social media has become widely popular, and if recent statistics are to be trusted, its popularity will continue to rise. What this means is that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo can’t afford to ignore social media.

It’s the same reason that you cannot afford to as well! It’s the same reason why a normal search on any engine will display the recent tweets in the results. So the question becomes, just how much does social media influence your SEO?

Clients Are Looking for Your Brand

Search engine optimisation is all about placing your business where it will be easily visible by the client. You, therefore, have to always start with the basics. If clients are looking for you, try and ensure that they can locate you. Any client who has heard about your business will probably try to look you up on social media, or through a search on Google.

If you are a professional brand or company, the customers will expect to find you there. You have to ensure that the search conducted by the customer will not come up empty. It would be worse if they ended up stumbling on another company that has a name similar to yours, and assume that is you.
For this reason, you might want to think about claiming your profile. While you may not have a use for it now, a time may come when you want to use it. It’s why you need to always ensure that your visitors are informed. You may register for a profile online, but find that you have no use for it at that time. Just let the visitors know that you are inactive.
Before you post that you will be inactive, make sure to tell them that they have indeed found the right brand and that they can reach you via telephone.
Alternatively, give them your email ensuring that they always have a way to reach you.
Another bonus that comes with claiming a profile is that if and when the time comes for you to use it, you can always log in and get started. Keep in mind that social media is always changing, so you never know when you may need to use a given profile.
search engine optimisation for social media
Social Media’s Impact On Your SEO

Social Media Accounts Set-Up

When opening a social media account, try and be serious. This calls for you to use a professional logo, and confirm that all fields are filled in correctly. Put down the location of each physical store (where applicable) including the opening and closing hours.

A “Google My Business Account” will come in handy for this particular feature. Generally, just confirm that the profile is professional and that it has all your recent information.

Consistency will also be key. By consistent, we mean using the same brand name in all the platforms you will be on. This helps to make it easier for people and search engines to locate your brand.

Social Media Accounts and Search Engine Results

Do you know that your social networking accounts can show up when people search for you online? Doubtful? Why not try looking for your brand name using Google’s Knowledge Panel!

You need to make sure that the profile is professional looking. This helps to add some trust to the brand. A customer will only click on a profile that they believe is trustworthy.

Also, try and add links to your website in visible places.

Social Media Accounts and Search Engine optimisation
Social Media SEO

Claiming Your Space Online

What’s also crucial is to note that content such as tweet carousels tend to take up lots of space in search engine results. The same thing applies to social media accounts as they will also be shown in the results.

Realise that the more space that you are able to take on the search results pages, the more you get to push the other businesses down. This will increase your chances of clients clicking on your website, or in this case, your social media account.


By now you probably have a good idea of why you need to claim and ensure that your social media accounts are updated on a regular basis. The reality is that you will remain relevant as long as people are talking about your brand. And Google is always looking to present web users with the most relevant results based on their search queries.

They exist to provide users with search results that they will find interesting. Therefore, if your website has great content, why not consider referring to it on your social media accounts? You have created the content, so why not share it with the rest of the world? Use your profiles to help people discover your services.

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