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Top tips on How to Improve Your Website

Websites are becoming an integral part of businesses as more and more companies create their online presence. Competition is now moving online where the companies have to tap potential customers from the internet and lead them to their site to make a sale. The companies must, therefore, use website design to beat the competition, and it is only possible through high-quality and attractive web design.

Your website’s design is an important factor when it comes to online business as it acts as the face of your company. A huge percentage of the people who visit your site will quickly exit if the website is not aesthetically pleasing, but they might stay and even make a purchase if the website is attractive and user friendly. If you are not satisfied with your website, now is the right time to improve your web design. Below are some simple web improvement ideas that can help you add traffic and improve sales.

Top tips on How to Improve Your Website
Website Tips

Test Your Website’s Functionality

Websites have a lot of forms, buttons and internal links to other parts of the site. There are times when these features could be having issues, but they seem to be fine. The only way you can identify such issues is by constantly testing all the functions of the website as a customer. You can follow the path used by customers to find and browse your website, or run programs that find broken links. Keeping your elements functioning is one way of ensuring memorable and enjoyable customer experience.

Organise and Simplify your Site’s Navigation Bar

Visitors in your website use the navigation bar to get around easily as it provides a map of essential pages on the website. One common mistake that web designers do is stuffing and complicating the navigation bar; which in turn overwhelm users instead of helping them. Try simplifying your site’s navigation bar by only including the most important categories in the website. For example, a pest control company’s navigation bar can have tabs like “Pest control,” “gallery,” “about us,” and “contact”. You can then add drop down menus for other important pages under these broad categories.

Top tips on How to Improve Your Website
How to improve your website

Make Use of White Space

Most businesses make the mistake of cramming information on to every available space of a page and end up chasing away potential customers in the process. Pages without white space look crowded, meaning users cannot comfortably find the content they need. The use of white space, on the other hand, allows the elements in your site enough space to breathe, and visitors can easily digest the information piece by piece.

Improve on Speed

We are living in a fast world where waiting for minutes feels like a whole day, especially in simple tasks such as browsing the internet. You cannot ignore your site’s speed as it is one of the crucial parameters in determining user experience on the website. Fast websites make the site more enjoyable to visitors, plus you also have a chance to improve your Google search results ranking. Some of the tricks you can use to improve your site’s page speed include compressing images, condensing GIFs, cleaning up your code and avoiding huge animations.

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