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The benefits of using SEO to Increase Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

One fo the main benefits of optimising an e-commerce store for search engines like Bing and Google is it can be crucial to enable potential shoppers to find your website. Many search engine optimisation (SEO) tenets are geared towards ensuring web visitors have a good user experience. For this reason, the easier it is for shoppers to discover a certain store, the higher the chances that they will shop there.

Discussed in this guide is a look at how to cover SEO basics while also enhancing the ranking of your e-commerce store in search engine results. Going forward, we will use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress to help put the fundamentals forward.

What we will cover in this article

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Benefits of E-commerce website SEO

E-commerce Store SEO Basics

Store owners should create blog posts, product detail pages, and landing pages. Most websites allow you to do HTML editing, basic formatting options, table, and headers.

Additionally, when possible you should embed videos and upload photos to each available page.

Page titles play an important role in rankings. Search engines derive the information related to the page contents from here. This is the information that is displayed as the search result headline.

The content appearing under the page title is what is referred to as the meta descriptions. This section is used to provide a summary of the content available on that page for potential clients. A well-written meta description can also enhance the overall click-through of each website.

Try to also include the keywords you are interested in ranking. Also include keywords you think will appeal to customers going through the search engine results.

How to increase traffic to your e-commerce store through the use of SEO


Stores highly recommended tools from Google: Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

1. Google Analytics: You can use Google Analytics to establish where you got the traffic from, as well as how the visitors behaved on arrival 

2. Google Search Console: It assists website owners to troubleshoot and monitor their store’s presence in the Google search results. It also supplies the owners with information related to the queries that are helping to bring customers and prospects to their stores.

Based on how the two work, they have come to play an important role in SEO. All that is needed for one to include their website to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics is to copy and paste a few lines of code to their website homepage. Alternatively if you are using a CMS such as WordPress you could use third party plugins such as Monsta Insights

Once there, obtain your unique tracking ID and then proceed to paste it in the corresponding field on your website.

Speed, Security, and Domain

Google considers security and site speed as important ranking factors. User experience and the two always go hand-in-hand. A low loading speed will cause clients to close the tab before a page has finished loading. This not only results in lost business, but it also increases your bounce rate. 

While you can always use a CDN (content delivery network) such as Cloud Flare to keep the loading times lower, you also need to consider your images. 

The image file size also has the potential to affect the loading speed. You have to select the best file format to use when compressing the images to keep the sizes well within your control. For instance, JPEGs are recommended as opposed to using PNGs. The latter always produces bigger file size images.


Information related to the available files and pages is contained in the sitemaps. Search engines, therefore, use sitemaps to index and crawl the website. It is through the indexing and crawling process that each page gets to appear in the search engine results. 

If using the CMS platform such as WordPress, you can use plugins such as Yoast to automatically generate the corresponding sitemap file for the website. This will include a link to all the blog posts, pages, collections, images, and products.

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