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Are you a business based in Ashford? Is your business online yet? If not why not? If you do not have a digital presence then your business could be almost invisible!

web design services in ashford
web design services in ashford
Web Design Ashford

Are You Looking For Web Design Ashford?

People have been forced to stay at home and therefore forced to use the internet more! With effective web design, they can look for your services in Ashford.

People are looking for your services but without a website, they are unable to find you. Your website is like you shopfront without it your customers do not know you’re there.

A website for your business can fix this. A website can get your business seen online by the right people and can be used as a tool to help you bring more work inconsistently. 

Is A Website Necessary For A Business Based in Ashford Kent?

Many small business owners ask this question and wonder how much having a website makes a difference in their success. The fact of the matter is 75% of consumers base the credibility of your company based on your website. If these potential customers are interested in the types of products or services you offer, the easiest and most convenient way to find out more is by searching online. Not only is a website necessary for a business based in Ashford Kent, but the web design and build can make a difference as well. 

A website acts as more than just an online storefront. It also reduces your workload, improves your image, and is a means to target a new niche. If you’ve been apprehensive about building a website for your business because you’re not tech-savvy or consider your business too small or locally orientated, then perhaps the services of a web design company can help you.

There are plenty of web design services that will bring you better leads and customers. A web design agency can offer various types of web design services and improve the quality of your site. You’ve probably heard of the terms SEO and PPC being thrown around, but these are important marketing tools that help many businesses online. 

A website design and development company can help create effective online publicity for businesses whatever the size. They can also improve the ranking of your site on the search engine results pages. Ensure your professional business gets to the top spots today.

Website design will be a crucial element of any business marketing campaign. With the right web design and build, companies can ensure that they build a positive brand identity. They can gain solid conversion rates and generate leads at the same time. The right website can be the ultimate tool to make the right first impression with new clients.

Web Design Simplified

Website design can seem like a complex world, with complicated systems, unusual words, and different technologies best left to a web design agency.

However, when you break it down, you can reveal logical ways in which to design a website. Whether you choose to undertake the web design yourself or you choose from a range of web design agencies such as a web design company in Ashford, it is helpful to have an understanding of the basics.

What Is The Best Website For A Small Business?

Finally, there are numerous web design services for businesses in Ashford. This includes website builders. With a website builder, companies can create their own business website from scratch and hopefully keep the cost under control. There are four main options for small businesses here such as:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly 
  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace

These builders differ in cost and capabilities as well as accessibility. For instance, with a subscription model, Squarespace is the best option for businesses seeking scalability. It’s easy with this builder to grow a website as the company continues to expand. For businesses working on a budget, Weebly provides fantastic value for money. It is one of the cheapest builders for businesses today. The most widely used and also one of the most customisable content management systems is WordPress. You can build just about any website using WordPress and is often the number one choice for design agencies. WordPress gives lots of flexibility and enables professional mobile-friendly designs.

Website Design. Presenting Content On A Page

This is a key element of web design. To put it simply, this means laying out the content on your page (this is also known as wireframing). Whether you are creating a new site from scratch or updating current websites, you’ll need to thoroughly understand what your vision for the site is and how it can be executed. Web design software and applications can help you present content in eye-catching ways and, crucially, will help to use the space efficiently. 

Working With Content Management Systems

content management system – or CMS – is an application used by site administrators to publish and manage the content on a website. It allows a number of different users to undertake web design and build the site, with the benefit of version and workflow management. The advantage of working with CMS is that you can undertake website design without working directly with code. The CMS allows you to edit, add, and manage content through a dashboard, and it will update the website for you. 

Visual Designs Role In Usability for your site

The first principle of web design is to ensure the interface is usable, and that the user of the website can clearly access the correct information. Visually designing an effective website is deceptively complex, which is why companies such as web design Ashford or other web design agencies are employed to do it. Designers improve usability by utilising white space and prioritising the right content. 

Preparing your site For User Testing

User testing a website is one of the final stages before a digital product is launched. It’s essential to test designs to ensure that your product has optimal functionality. To prepare for this, you need to outline your user testing goals, choose which way you’re planning on testing the product, find a range of users, set up the test, and set out how you will analyse the findings.

How Using Web Design Can Inspire Brand Loyalty

With the need for many businesses to move online permanently or risk falling behind, keeping customer loyalty is especially important.

Customers want to see pages that are clear, trustworthy and transparent. They want the best content from the most trusted sources.

Adding a customer testimonial page is especially important to show brand authenticity and integrity. Allowing customers to comment feedback good and bad provides transparency throughout your business.

If you’re collecting any data from your visitors be sure to inform them of this. Clear and concise web design can really help with building trust and inspiring brand loyalty which will in turn make your website a bigger return on investment.

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The cost of building a website varies greatly and depends on numerous factors. However, a large and complex website could cost a business up to £10,000. Typically, as a starting point, a company will pay at least £1000 for a website that looks and feels professional from a website design company in Ashford. 

There are numerous building blocks that come together to make this cost. For instance, a business will need to host their site and select a domain. They will also need to consider security requirements and guarantee that their website is protected from hackers or viruses. 

The cost does depend on the type of site a business needs. Some companies will require a brochure-style website with fewer pages. Others will require a large, bespoke website.

Running a website will involve managing and understanding all the costs that ensure it continues to operate effectively. For instance, businesses will need to invest in SEO services. On average, for a small business website, the cost of SEO is approximately £500 – £2000 per month. Companies also need content and images to ensure that they rank. Adding this will cost around £50 per hour. As already mentioned, hosting is another piece of the puzzle. That can be between £10 – £60 per month depending on the service that a business chooses. 

Most small businesses can successfully keep their total ongoing costs under £1000 per month. However, it is worth noting that this will be for a basic website. More advanced and complex websites cost closer to £2000 per month. It is also going to depend on the type of web design services businesses in Ashford invest in.

The length of time it takes to build a website depends on many factors. The first and most obvious reason would be the size of the website. Second would be how complex it is. Does it need special or custom features? The third is any holdups that may occur. If the web designer needs information off of the client sometimes this can take quite some time. Business owners are often busy with their business and do not get time to supply the web designer with the required information for the project.

To give you an estimate most projects take anything between 1 to 2 months but can take longer because of the points above.

Yes, your website will need to be updated and backed up regularly. This ensures it is always running efficiently and it always has a newly updated back up off-site in case of any outside attacks on your site. A maintenance plan can be set up where we would look after your website for you.

Once your website is complete and is paid for in full the website becomes fully your property and will therefore be handed over to you. If you want to make changes we can show you how to make them or if your uncomfortable with making changes we can arrange a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans vary in price depending on what needs to be done. Usually, they are around £100 per month or if you do not need maintenance regularly it can be charged hourly at £50 per hour.

We will always re-build websites instead of redesigning an existing one. Quite often a rebuild would be quicker to do than a redesign. With a rebuild, we can also ensure it has been built correctly and there are no problems. We can use all the existing content on your old website and we would build the new site on an alternative domain using our own hosting meaning there would be no disruption to your existing site whilst the new one is being built.

Yes absolutely. Building a new website does not mean you need a new domain name or hosting. Having an older domain name is also beneficial for search engine optimisation so we would encourage you to keep your existing domain and hosting plan if possible instead of changing or buying a new one. We can, however, advise you on whether it’s worth changing hosting plans in order to get a better service, deal and speed of web site.

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