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The internet has never been as important than it is now. Less and less are people going out and more and more are people staying in, using their laptops to spend money and look for services. If your business is not online and in front of these people they may never even know you exist. 

web design services in Crawley
web design services in Crawley
Web design Crawley

How can Web Design services in Crawley help your business?

Getting effective web design for your business in Crawley should be a top priory for you and any other business without an online presence in this day and age.

Getting a website build that represents the values of your business is a great way to increase your sales, gain better customers, reduce workload and the list goes on. 

How does website design affect sales?

Drawing business to your website might not automatically generate conversions. The design of a website can also affect sales. Getting customers to your website is only the first step, they then need to be engaged and provided with positive user experience. 

The design of a website can enhance the credibility of the company. There are certain elements that will help to boost sales and others that could result in distrust. Websites with poor navigation, an overly complex layout, or small print that’s difficult to read could create a more negative user experience. Instead, it’s better to provide clear, easy to find information, and engaging content.

Effective web design is often all about speed. Consumers don’t want to spend more than a few clicks to find what they’re looking for. It’s important that all relevant pages are clearly linked to others in a logical structure. Products or services need to be clearly represented and available.

A website isn’t just about creating beautiful designs and images. It’s the first place your potential clients go for information about your company. You need to ensure this is presented in a clear and concise manner. You can then engage them with more detailed content such as blog posts and video tutorials.

It’s therefore worth investing in expert advice to improve your website’s design. With the right web design agency, you can update your site to increase sales. A few tricks of the trade from the professionals will help you optimise the design of your website.

Choosing Colours and Fonts in web design and how this can help your business in Crawley

The font that’s chosen during the web design and build process will have a big impact on how a website is perceived by its users and visitors. Fonts should be kept consistent and they should say something about the website and the brand and purpose behind it. For example, serif fonts are associated with seriousness and integrity.

Similarly, the website’s colour scheme needs to match the identity of the website. Using a colour wheel and exploring which colours complement each other is a good idea. This can be done alongside a web design agency as they’ll have experience with this kind of thing.

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There are a few different types of widths that can be used on a website. Focusing on the basic WordPress formats, there are three to choose from: fixed, responsive and fluid. Fixed, as the name suggests, remains the same and doesn’t change no matter the monitor size or shape the website is being viewed on.

A fluid website is more flexible and will fill the screen of the user, regardless of screen size. Responsive websites will be the one that web design crawley professionals will recommend. It ensures the layout of the website adjusts according to the viewing device and is always presented perfectly.

Some businesses require WordPress to function as a CMS or content management system in order to publish a variety of content types on their website. This is more than possible and during the design process conducted alongside a web design crawley team, the right design strategy can be found.

WordPress can accommodate e-commerce stores, photo galleries, blog posts, discussion forums, contact forms, information pages for small businesses, social media integration and much more. With the right help from a website design and development company, designing for WordPress as a CMS is easy.

There are different ways to approach the process of creating the front page of a website. In some instances, such as when the website’s purpose is to serve a business, it makes sense to make the front page of the website static.


In other instances, such as when creating a blog, the front page should be dynamically updated. This means that the newest uploads will be presented and clickable on the front page. So when working with a web design agency, it’ll be necessary to determine which of these options is preferable.

SEO is made relatively simple via WordPress. Ranking higher on search engine results pages can be done by optimising content and using a range of plugins that might be recommended to you, according to your particular needs, by the web design crawley team that’s overseeing the design work.

Yoast SEO and ahrefs are both popular WordPress plugins focused on boosting SEO outcomes. The right approach to image compression and optimisation is also key to achieving the right SEO results on a website.

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