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Your website should be the best member of your sales team! Here at OA Design Services, a local Maidstone web design company, we build effective websites that help you do just that!

How can web design in Maidstone help you get more sales?

In our digitally-driven world, the growth of eCommerce and online sales has skyrocketed and with web design Maidstone, you too can achieve this. Online sales are down to a number of factors, but the accessibility and convenience are the two main areas that make the digital world so massively popular. Lately, eCommerce has overtaken high street sales and there is a growing need for more businesses, micro or macro, to have an online presence and a presence that is aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and above all, full of all the necessary information that they need. It may feel as if your website would easily be swallowed up in the Google black hole, but utilising SEO for optimum use is what will help drive the traffic to your site but just exactly how you choose to design your website will indeed have the biggest impact in the number of sales you can generate. 

How do I get more sales on my new website?

It is a question that we all wish to know the answers to, but fortunately, with a good independent web designer, you can find exactly the answers that you need. With a freelance web designer in Maidstone, you can learn the rudiments of an impeccable user-friendly website which will first be your port of call for sales generation. Getting sales on your website is going to take time and effort and some of the following elements must be implemented: keep your home page simple with web design that is efficient and includes all the relevant alt tags for a user-friendly experience for all. Adding videos and graphics will be of huge importance, without overwhelming your audience, but will add value. Build good relevant pages relating to what you have done, what you offer and any testimonials as new clients will buy into your past successes and your current social standing with other brands/customers. Incorporate an eCommerce page so people can buy directly; but if you are not already set up with eCommerce, the process can be tricky and pricey but well worth it for long-term growth. This can all be implemented via a well-designed web page, with web designing in Maidstone. 

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Does having a website increase sales?

Naturally, this element alone will not allow your Maidstone based company to start raking in hundreds of thousands every month, however, it is a huge factor that can generate sales and leads, which will ultimately lead to success, even as a slow burner. This alone will not be the only success, as many other factors are included, such as good customer service, good products, a great team behind you that offer impeccable skills to customers, and keeping the customer happy with long-lasting relationships. It is believed, however, that web sales are ever-growing and e-commerce is at its highest and has been since around 2018.

With web design in Maidstone, you can create a pleasing website that has all the necessary pages and elements that you need to drive sales. It is also how you choose to use your website that will increase sales. For example, do you choose to market your website via social media or via email marketing? The content that you place within your website will also have a huge impact on how your website affects sales, including the types of ads you run, the information about your brand and the way in which you write your email. Pushy sales content does not translate into sales, it comes off as desperate and discourages people to buy, rather encouraging them in a gentle way, by adopting a sense of urgency, perhaps due to a sales campaign or end of season campaign, will make customers feel they should buy, to get value for money, but not that they have to buy.

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Web Design Maidstone

How important is my website for my business?

In short, it is very important. It should certainly be part of your marketing strategy because you’re able to generate leads from worldwide, not just from the local community and this can give you insights as to where your traffic is coming from and general demographics relating to their age, occupation and other relevant information that you could utilise. It is a way to show that you’re established, that you are reachable by phone or email and that you care about your customers. Many people’s first idea is to go onto Google to see if the company has a website; once this is found, there is plenty more to uncover, such as reviews – these are highly important because you need to ensure that customers are able to see just how trustworthy you are and this is done by having an impeccable online presence with web design in Maidstone. It shows professionalism and a willingness to connect; it may seem that businesses without websites are elusive and there is no further information and this may make the customer question, why? Build your credibility, because that is one of the main foundations of long term success and it can start with a snazzy website design.

What is the goal of my website?

The most important factors of having a website are to help the user digest information easily and quickly. It is a fast-paced environment for people to learn about what you do, where to find you and most likely any relevant information relating to prices and fees. The goal is to entice people to return, to have a second look and if so, perhaps make a purchase or even have customers come to visit you in-store if you have one. It is a delicate balance between tangible physical relationships with customers and a digital one that allows them to access information quickly. If you have a smaller niche business, that not many others do and you are the first one in the area to build a website, then you are technically giving yourself an advantage on your competitors. Looking at a unique domain name can also give you a heads up on your competitors, essentially, you’re placing yourself squarely in the market zone leaving yourself open to new business opportunities and customers. With a great independent web designer, you can also allow your business pages to be shared, which allows users to share pages and information relating to your business, which essentially is free marketing and takes little to no time to do. 

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Web Design Maidstone

How can I increase my website conversion rate?

The many ways in which you can do this all begin with a three-letter acronym, SEO. The main focus of this will be ensuring you are using the correct buzzwords, information and ALT tags on images which will allow images to be better searchable in Google images. Putting your content into context will help the user decide: what is in it for them? What deals can you offer them that will allow the hard-working customer to delve into their pockets and invest in your brand? How do you stand out from the crowd? Only you can answer these questions and it’s vital that these are incorporated into your SEO strategy and within your web page. This will allow the conversion rates to increase, slowly perhaps, but it will assist. Give them answers to questions, an FAQ section is always a very important element; if customers have burning questions, they don’t want to have to call up a string of numbers in order to speak to someone and then perhaps be directed to an automated message or an automated email that never replies to you. Answer their questions, make them feel important and this will appeal to a bigger customer base and therefore more likely to generate into tangible sales.

How do I create a good website strategy?

You could work closely with a marketing team who will build you a strategy from scratch and help you implement it, but if this isn’t within your budget, you can take a more raw approach to strategy. Website strategy covers a huge umbrella of elements, but if you truly want to tackle this alone, you can look at some of the following options to increase traffic and help build a better website: get amazing professional web design in Maidstone, target the right audiences, have a small and dedicated team and develop goals, short term and long term. Perhaps a short term goal is to have x amount of visitors to your website, and perhaps your long term goal is to generate this into x amount of sales. Start creating good online campaigns and things to incentify buyers, this is always going to assist. By using a freelance web designer Maidstone, you can design the right type of website for you that stays true to your brand ethos and your style. You are not just creating a pleasing interface but rather an interactive one, and you need to use this to accomplish your goals and you should use website layout tips and strategy. Use your PR wisely as this could be helpful when building a website strategy, whilst still keeping SEO at the forefront of your mind.

How do I bring people to my website?

Use your social media! It is a huge tool and it is a proven one also. There are millions of users across the world who post to social media and use it as a place of inspiration. If you are not using these tools then you are also missing out on the possibility of sales driven through this medium. InstagramTwitterPinterest and Facebook all allow you to post organic links that can take you straight through to a specific page or your main homepage and it is posted with no obligation to visit or buy. It’s giving the audience free will and many times out of curiosity, with a good tagline or sales strategy, people will click through to your website. Are you giving something to people that they really want? Most larger markets are saturated, such as fashion or beauty, but if you are niche, such as a vegan beauty brand, focused only on people with sensitive skin, then perhaps you can nail the market before anyone else. Use email marketing and any email databases to share information with them. This is going to really push your website out to a large number of people. Allow guest posts and crossovers with other brands (obviously not your competitors) but those who could benefit from your company in Maidstone. For example, if you are a catering company in Maidstone, you could crossover with a wedding or party planning company in and around Maidstone. You can reduce bounce rates with good website design also which means that they will stay on the website longer and view more pages instead of navigating away. Improve website design and see an improvement. Use good website designers to help.

How can I improve my website marketing?

Many companies and websites offer information on exactly this and there are plenty of sources of information to soak up. However, every strategy must be tailored to your brand, there is no one size fits all which on the one hand is negative and the other it’s positive. Every company has a USP unique selling point and this is what will essentially drive people to you; what do you offer that nobody else does? In order to assist website marketing you must look at: the speed of your website – will people have to wait for it to load effectively and if so this may make them navigate away and not bother to return. Use relevant hyperlinks and friendly links to help improve SEO. Use information on your website that is easy to digest, as previously mentioned, with bullet points or easy to read graphics that are pleasant on the eye. Well designed pages and headlines, as well as incredible images, will improve your design and improve your experience. Marketing your website takes time and effort and sometimes it will chip into your budget but marketing should be paramount for any business if they wish to achieve high. With website designers near me, it should be easy for you and anyone to start implementing this today.

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How do I increase my website visibility on Google?

If you want to impact sales and improve your visibility, you must implement exceptional search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as looking at making your website available on all mediums, including iPad, phone, computer etc. Use long-tail keywords and links that will be relevant and provide good SEO and get advice relating to SEO which will allow you to find the very best information for your location. Use engaging images and information and start to see a development that will assist you greatly for the future of your business in Maidstone.

Common questions

Different web designers or web design Maidstone, Kent agencies will often price websites in different ways. Some will charge by the number of pages, some will charge an hourly rate, others sometimes charge a monthly subscription.

Whilst none of the above is the right or wrong way to price a website but here at OA Design Services, we price websites slightly different.

We’re committed to helping you to achieve your business goals. We see your website as a tool. Therefore, we implement project-based pricing. Our prices are based on the return on investment we think you will get from a project. That way we know you will be getting good value for money. We build solution-based websites and not just websites that look pretty.

Our professional web design Maidstone services typically range anything from £1000 to £10,000 depending on your business goals and needs. There is no hidden cost in our prices and once you have paid we do not ask for more money throughout the project; everything is priced in.

The length of time it takes to build a website depends on many factors. The first and most obvious reason would be the size of the website. Second would be how complex it is. Does it need special or custom features? The third is any holdups that may occur. If the web designer needs information off of the client sometimes this can take quite some time. Business owners are often busy with their business and do not get time to supply the web designer with the required information for the project.

To give you an estimate most projects take anything between 1 to 2 months but can take longer because of the points above.

Yes, your website will need to be updated and backed up regularly. This ensures it is always running efficiently and it always has a newly updated back up off-site in case of any outside attacks on your site. A maintenance plan can be set up where we would look after your website for you.

Once your website is complete and is paid for in full the website becomes fully your property and will therefore be handed over to you. If you want to make changes we can show you how to make them or if your uncomfortable with making changes we can arrange a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans vary in price depending on what needs to be done. Usually, they are around £100 per month or if you do not need maintenance regularly it can be charged hourly at £50 per hour.

We will always re-build websites instead of redesigning an existing one. Quite often a rebuild would be quicker to do than a redesign. With a rebuild, we can also ensure it has been built correctly and there are no problems. We can use all the existing content on your old website and we would build the new site on an alternative domain using our own hosting meaning there would be no disruption to your existing site whilst the new one is being built.

Yes absolutely. Building a new website does not mean you need a new domain name or hosting. Having an older domain name is also beneficial for search engine optimisation so we would encourage you to keep your existing domain and hosting plan if possible instead of changing or buying a new one. We can, however, advise you on whether it’s worth changing hosting plans in order to get a better service, deal and speed of web site.

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