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Does your business have a digital presence? With the current crisis, it is more essential than ever before to be online. If your business is not currently online then you could face getting left behind from your competitors. That’s where our web design in Sevenoaks comes in!

web design services in sevenoaks
web design services in sevenoaks
Web design Sevenoaks

Web Design Sevenoaks

We offer web design solutions in Sevenoaks Kent to match your needs. A website should be used as a tool to further advance your business. 

Your website should be seen as your employee, if your website is not working for you 24/7 then you are not making effective use of it.

Without the right web design service, a website will never gain the right attention. There can be issues with conversions and problems with high bounce rates.  

What are the advantages of having a website?

There are several advantages to having a website for your business in Sevenoaks. Customers are always able to find you anytime and anywhere. You can also appeal to a wider range of clients and even a new target niche. Having a website also increases your legitimacy. The internet is the first place most people go to find a product or service, and appearing at the top of the search engine results pages makes your business an authority in the field.

As well as drawing in business, having a website also helps you to cut costs. You’ll be able to sell goods and services directly while saving money on overheads. Local businesses nowadays rely on online marketing. Customers will search for a product they need online and base their choices on this.

There are several methods business owners use to drive more customers to their websites. One of them is by optimising local SEO. 80% of local searches convert which means that if a nearby potential customer finds your business online, they’re very likely to buy from you. It’s therefore important to invest in strategies to improve local search engine optimisation. Other options would be social media marketing or Google ads.

A Sevenoaks web design agency can help you with this. With the right web design and build, you can market your business online as local and legitimate. This will bring you plenty more customers than word of mouth advertising. Imagine how often a customer searches for products and services “near me”. By optimising your website you’ll generate more local leads, and interest from new customers. 

What Are Sevenoaks Web Design Services?

There are various types of web design services. However, usually, website design will be based around creating a bespoke website. This helps guarantee that the site will stand out and make an impression in a sea of competition. 

Today, it is also important for web design services in Sevenoaks to include responsible and mobile-first designs. Responsive ensures that the site continues to run beautifully regardless of what device a user chooses. Mobile-first design puts the focus on mobile systems because they make up the majority of website traffic

A web design team or online marketing agency will also typically include SEO as part of their services. Search engine optimisation must be seamlessly integrated into the design of the website. It also needs to adhere to the latest standards of the Google algorithm.

Presenting Content On A Web Page

The way in which digital content is displayed is key to the success of a site. If the user can’t find what they’re looking for, they won’t spend long trying to find it, which could mean a lost sale or booking. So, deciding which content should come first and laying it out effectively is an important part of web design. If undertaking this yourself, investing in web design software can help. Alternatively, companies such as web design Sevenoaks can help to present content on a page.

Working With Content Management Systems

Content management systems such as WordPress, Wix or Shopify – also referred to as CMS – are websites or applications that allow administrators to edit, public and manage content on a website without working directly with code. There are a number of CMS out there to choose from, but what will stay the same is that they’ve managed through a dashboard that different users can access to manage the web design and build the site.

Interaction Design

Interaction design simply means designing and planning for the way in which users (those people who visit a website or app) will interact with a website or app. Sites with good interaction design do significantly better than those with poor interaction design because users can easily navigate the site. So, to enhance the user experience, elements such as homepages, links, buttons and transitions are essential.

Visual Designs Role In Usability

Visual design is equally important when it comes to web design, and is best left to the professionals. Web design Sevenoaks or other web design companies work to design beautiful, functional interfaces that allow users to easily navigate the site. The visual design usually means working with white spaces to ensure content is easy to absorb and make sure that nothing is competing for the user’s attention.

Preparing Your Website For User Testing

The final stage in web design is the user test. This is when a site is trailed by users with real scenarios, so you can understand what does work and doesn’t work. It’s critical to conduct rigorous testing to ensure that any usability issues are resolved before it goes live. To properly conduct testing, you’ll need to plan the way the test will run, to moderate the test, to decide how the findings will be analysed, all before the testing can go ahead. Once all of these elements are planned – a web design agency will be used to conducting these tests – then it can go ahead. Remember: for your site to work, you’ve got to find out what doesn’t work first.

Contrast And Meaning In Web Design

Contrast and meaning are two of the most important components of designing effective interfaces, which are essential when it comes to keeping your website user friendly.

Contrast can be implemented by using design choices such as complementary colours, font size and orientation for different devices. Meaning and contrast rely on the use of a common-sense hierarchy of elements, where each element or icon is arranged in a logical way so users can find what they need on your site.

Are Web Designers Still Needed?

Some people do suggest that web design is a dying art form. Part of the reason for this is due to web design software. Builders like this allow anyone, regardless of skill or knowledge to build their own website in minutes. Automation is also a growing trend in this industry. 

However, regardless of the builder selected, the results are nowhere near those achieved by professional web design services for small businesses. Ultimately, with software, options are always limited and many sites seem like they have come out of a cookie-cutter. They look and feel the same which means that they don’t stand out to users or Google.

A website design company in Sevenoaks provides benefits software doesn’t. Professional designers understand how users think and take this into account when setting up a website. They also provide extensive solutions beyond a typical web builder. A business will never independently be able to achieve the complex custom designs that a high-quality web designer or graphic design team can.

What Is Included In Website Design?

Web design services UK business owners depend on can offer numerous solutions including in packages. A website design company will often ensure that a site has a fantastic structure and follows the three-click rule. A customer should never be more than three clicks from what they are searching for. 

A web agency will also provide both illustrations and photography. Content like this is essential to ensure that a site gains a strong ranking and maintains the attention of an audience. 

In some cases, website design will include A/B testing. Here, two versions of the site are published with key details changed. The site is redesigned based on how users respond to the changes and whether it impacts the conversion rate. 

Services will differ depending on the specific web development agency but will usually consist of:

  • Creative planning
  • Build
  • Content
  • Design

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Different web designers or web design Sevenoaks agencies will often price websites in different ways. Some will charge by the number of pages, some will charge an hourly rate, others sometimes charge a monthly subscription.

Whilst none of the above is the right or wrong way to price a website but here at OA Design Services, we price websites slightly different.

We’re committed to helping you to achieve your business goals. We see your website as a tool. Therefore, we implement project-based pricing. Our prices are based on the return on investment we think you will get from a project. That way we know you will be getting good value for money. We build solution-based websites and not just websites that look pretty.

Our web design Sevenoaks services typically range anything from £1000 to £10,000 depending on your business goals and needs. There is no hidden cost in our prices and once you have paid we do not ask for more money throughout the project; everything is priced in.

The length of time it takes to build a website depends on many factors. The first and most obvious reason would be the size of the website. Second would be how complex it is. Does it need special or custom features? The third is any holdups that may occur. If the web designer needs information off of the client sometimes this can take quite some time. Business owners are often busy with their business and do not get time to supply the web designer with the required information for the project.

To give you an estimate most projects take anything between 1 to 2 months but can take longer because of the points above.

Yes, your website will need to be updated and backed up regularly. This ensures it is always running efficiently and it always has a newly updated back up off-site in case of any outside attacks on your site. A maintenance plan can be set up where we would look after your website for you.

Once your website is complete and is paid for in full the website becomes fully your property and will therefore be handed over to you. If you want to make changes we can show you how to make them or if your uncomfortable with making changes we can arrange a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans vary in price depending on what needs to be done. Usually, they are around £100 per month or if you do not need maintenance regularly it can be charged hourly at £50 per hour.

We will always re-build websites instead of redesigning an existing one. Quite often a rebuild would be quicker to do than a redesign. With a rebuild, we can also ensure it has been built correctly and there are no problems. We can use all the existing content on your old website and we would build the new site on an alternative domain using our own hosting meaning there would be no disruption to your existing site whilst the new one is being built.

Yes absolutely. Building a new website does not mean you need a new domain name or hosting. Having an older domain name is also beneficial for search engine optimisation so we would encourage you to keep your existing domain and hosting plan if possible instead of changing or buying a new one. We can, however, advise you on whether it’s worth changing hosting plans in order to get a better service, deal and speed of web site.

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