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Are you looking for web design services in Tunbridge Wells? If you are, you're in the right place!

Are you looking at targeting a new niche? Do you want to improve the image of your company? Or do you simply want to attract more clients?

web design services in tunbridge wells
web design services in tunbridge wells
Web design Tunbridge Wells

Does your business in Tunbridge Wells need web design?

If you’re a company based in Tunbridge Wells getting a web design project started will open up your business to lots more opportunities. 

Getting an effective website built allows your business to have a larger reach with the use of marketing techniques that all point towards your website, such as Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media and many other methods. 

Does a good website increase business?

A good website can do wonders for your business. By optimising the design and user experience, you can boost sales and attract more customers. You’ll also waste less of your time in ineffective marketing strategies. A good website can do the work for you. 

What defines a good website? In a recent survey, 70% of respondents said that search engine optimisation (SEO) was actually better than paid ads for generating sales. SEO is about improving the construction and user experience of your website, which makes it appear first in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. How do most consumers find out more about a particular product or service? They Google it. If your website appears in at least the first page of a Google search it automatically has more credibility. A web design agency can help you to optimise your SEO, and get your business to the top spots. 

In order to increase your business, you shouldn’t just stop at your web design. Get your brand out there on social media and look into developing and sharing content such as blog articles, and podcasts. You could even set up Google Adwords and online radio ads. Find the right web design and marketing agency to help you explore all areas of digital marketing. 

There are many methods a business owner can drive more customers to their website. Several types of web design services and web design software can help you along the way.

Web Design Tunbridge Wells

Most businesses understand that a valued web presence is essential to reach their audience, and to promote their goods and services as is suitable. However, not all businesses properly invest in the best result, a result that can be reliably acquired when utilising web designers Tunbridge Wells. 

For this reason, a basic primer on what web services are, what to expect from their use, and how the best web design company will aid you in your online goals is required. With the following guidance, you will become thoroughly informed.

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It’s important to know what types of web design services are available, and how they operate before you decide to move forward. Fundamentally, a web design agency tasks itself with providing thorough utility and visual appeal to your website presence. They combine aesthetic implementation, web architecture that allows your pages to be scrolled and viewed easily, as well as ensuring UX standards are up to par. This ultimately increases your chance to achieve positive lead turnaround figures and will ensure proper user engagement. This is the golden standard that web designers Tunbridge Wells pursue as part of every project.

Web design and build services take into account every factor of how your page will be viewed and interacted with. This includes creating home pages and sub-pages, imagery, correct typography, page navigation, drop-down menus and utilities, action calls, statistical accessibility, branding placeholders, and more. 

Not every business website should serve the same purpose, and so site structure, content analysis, and easy navigability of your website is crucial. We must allow visitors to intuitively browse your page, to feel engaged, and return for more.

When good web page design is working to the best criteria, it should be almost invisible. This will translate into customers being able to navigate your web pages with ease, to find results they need, and to load your pages quickly. Furthermore, good web page design also positively contributes to SEO rankings, which allows your written content to list higher in search engine results. This is why regular content audits against the site structure can be a great idea.

Just like a great work of art, excellent web page design must be appreciated by those who have no formal training or skills in its technical side. This accessibility and utility (without compromising the aesthetic vision) is how we measure a website’s worth.

As web designers Tunbridge Wells will continually ask of you, it’s important to know who you’re hoping to aim your website at. Not only does this correspond to your branding and imagery, but how technically proficient your chosen demographics may be, or what they may need in a website. E-commerce websites must also provide enhanced and reliable security, integrated payment vendors, and well-listed product information to keep the shopping experience as pleasant as possible. With this understanding, you can more easily collaborate with your chosen web design studio.

Different web designers or web design agencies will charge for websites in different ways. Some will charge by the number of pages, some will charge an hourly rate, others sometimes charge a monthly subscription.

Whilst none of the above is the right or wrong way to price a website but here at OA Design Services, we price websites slightly different.

We’re committed to helping you to achieve your business goals. We see your website as a tool. Therefore, we implement project-based pricing. Our prices are based on the return on investment we think you will get from a project. That way we know you will be getting good value for money. We build solution-based websites and not just websites that look pretty.

Our websites typically range anything from £1000 to £10,000 depending on your business goals and needs. There are no hidden cost in our prices and once you have paid we do not ask for more money throughout the project; everything is priced in.

The length of time it takes to build a website depends on many factors. The first and most obvious reason would be the size of the website. Second would be how complex it is. Does it need special or custom features? The third is any holdups that may occur. If the web designer needs information off of the client sometimes this can take quite some time. Business owners are often busy with their business and do not get time to supply the web designer with the required information for the project.

To give you an estimate most projects take anything between 1 to 2 months but can take longer because of the points above.

Yes, your website will need to be updated and backed up regularly. This ensures it is always running efficiently and it always has a newly updated back up off-site in case of any outside attacks on your site. A maintenance plan can be set up where we would look after your website for you.

Once your website is complete and is paid for in full the website becomes fully your property and will therefore be handed over to you. If you want to make changes we can show you how to make them or if your uncomfortable with making changes we can arrange a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans vary in price depending on what needs to be done. Usually, they are around £100 per month or if you do not need maintenance regularly it can be charged hourly at £50 per hour.

We will always re-build websites instead of revamping it. Quite often a rebuild would be quicker to do than a revamp. With a rebuild, we can also ensure it has been built correctly and there are no problems. We can use all the existing content on your old website and we would build the new site on an alternative domain meaning there would be no disruption to your existing site whilst the new one is being built.

Yes absolutely. Building a new website does not mean you need a new domain name. Having an older domain name is also beneficial for search engine optimisation so we would encourage you to keep your existing domain if possible instead of buying a new one.

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We build websites with the most important goal in mind; a strong return on investment. 

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